Why Burst Training is Your Best Fat-Burning Workout

burst training

You see these folks at your gym, huffing away on elliptical machines and waiting impatiently for aerobics classes. What if I told you the right exercise could give you better fat-burning, muscle-building, metabolism-boosting benefits than the hours treadmills and aerobics classes require, in just minutes a day? I know: it sounds like an infomercial, but […]

5 Benefits of Eating Avocado

health benefits of avocado

If you’re anything like me, when you say, “Mexican food,” I say, “Guacamole!” That used to be the extent of my consumption of this small green fruit, but after reading about the countless health benefits of eating avocado, I’m a believer in its many uses and try to use it as much as possible. Plus, […]

37 Superfoods To Start Eating Today


“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates   When the father of modern medicine said these words, it’s doubtful he knew just how important they would be thousands of years later. It seems that most people in America and other developed nations somehow don’t “get” that eating proper food is a […]

How To Order a Salad (The Right Way)


Stop judging your best friend who just ordered a bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. I’ve got some bad news: your gargantuan entrée salad packs more calories than that greasy carb-fat fiasco. “Bigger is better” seems the operative word in restaurants, and nowhere does size matter more than with those giant kitchen-sink salads. Even though […]

Tips From Female Fitness Competitors: Buff is the New Black

Females in the fitness world

Imagine that you are in a warm weight room with the sound of iron pumping and intensity surrounding. Sweat beads are beginning to accumulate on your brow line, muscles are hard at work tingling with energy, and your endorphins are at an all time high. Now imagine that you are a woman in a room […]

Want to Gain Muscle? Eat Your Carbs!


Repeat after me: Carbs Aren’t Evil! Carbs tend to get a bad rap, but there is nothing intrinsically wrong with them. Rather, “carb abuse” or loading up on low-quality carbs morning, noon and night is the real problem. Along with eating the right carbs, it’s important to eat your meals at the right times throughout […]

You Can Do It! 12 Steps to Eating Healthy at Restaurants

salad - ways to make healthier choices when eating out

You’ve been pondering the menu all day, determining the perfect dish that will satisfy your appetite without any miserable morning-after regret on the bathroom scale. With all that focus, you realize you’ve forgotten to eat and arrive at the restaurant ravenous. As you await your friends while sipping a glass of pinot noir, the waiter […]

Why Juice-Fasting Is Good For You


Many people claim that our bodies are designed to do intermittent fasting to release toxins, be healthier and live longer. If you want to fast, but find that fasting is too hard for you to stick with, then intermittent juice fasting may be the answer that you have been looking for. Why Juice Fasting May […]

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