Why You Should Be Eating Functional Herbs

functional herbs, rooibos, tea

As a yoga teacher, integrative therapist and student of Ayurveda, I see the impact that stress and unhealthy living has on the people around me everyday. As the mother of three, I’m also always juggling how to get the best possible return for my family and myself when it comes to nutrition. I’ve found that […]

Why Burst Training is Your Best Fat-Burning Workout

burst training

You see these folks at your gym, huffing away on elliptical machines and waiting impatiently for aerobics classes. What if I told you the right exercise could give you better fat-burning, muscle-building, metabolism-boosting benefits than the hours treadmills and aerobics classes require, in just minutes a day? I know: it sounds like an infomercial, but […]

5 Benefits of Eating Avocado

health benefits of avocado

If you’re anything like me, when you say, “Mexican food,” I say, “Guacamole!” That used to be the extent of my consumption of this small green fruit, but after reading about the countless health benefits of eating avocado, I’m a believer in its many uses and try to use it as much as possible. Plus, […]

37 Superfoods To Start Eating Today


“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates   When the father of modern medicine said these words, it’s doubtful he knew just how important they would be thousands of years later. It seems that most people in America and other developed nations somehow don’t “get” that eating proper food is a […]

8 Tips to Start Running

tips to start running

I wish I could tell you that I was inspired to run because of fitness, vanity or even the thought of feeling good. Instead, I was inspired to run through dissonance. It All Started One Morning… I was waking morning after morning with anger, irritation and resentment. Between 4-6am, my two young daughters would wander […]

6 Reasons Beer is Good For You

Beer is good for you

Beer lovers, rejoice! Not only does beer taste great, and make you feel “buzzed” on life…beer is good for you! As pints are poured in bars and restaurants across the country, know that drinking beer has real health benefits*. 6 Health Benefits of Drinking Beer 1. Decrease Incidence of Heart Disease There are more than 20 […]

Why Size Matters…For Your Salad


Stop judging your best friend who just ordered a bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. I’ve got some bad news: your gargantuan entrée salad packs more calories than that greasy carb-fat fiasco. “Bigger is better” seems the operative word in restaurants, and nowhere does size matter more than with those giant kitchen-sink salads. Even though […]

3 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of the Gym


Gyms can be intimidating. Each one has its own customs, culture, and rules. There’s new and unfamiliar equipment – machines for pushing, pulling, lifting, rotating, stabilizing, de-stabilizing – it goes on forever. This can be a lot to handle for someone looking to start a fitness plan, and it’s no surprise that a lot of […]

Get Up and Go: Top 5 Fun Runs in the USA


If you love the outdoors, some friendly competition, and exercising in a zombie costume (what?) you’ll want to try “fun runs.” The fun run craze is sweeping across the globe and it seems like every weekend there’s a new crazy theme. Here’s a list of just a few of the zaniest, most challenging, and totally […]

Health Tips from Fitness Expert Owen McKibbin

dumbbell - fitness - exercise

We recently caught up with Owen McKibbin, a 56-year old former pro volleyball player, creator of the Zone Progression Training Method and official spokesperson for The Rack. Owen shared advice on how to stay healthy and fit as the years go by, along with his secrets for success. What advice do you have for people who […]

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