5 Most Popular Myths About Eating and Weight Loss

We see two kinds of people among us

The first one is to eat for the life to live.. But, the second set is quite strange. The sole purpose of their life is eating. Scary isn’t it? To which category do you belong to? Anyway, one thing I can say for sure.  Everybody loves to enjoy a good load of delicious food items in a day and still needs to maintain an attractive figure. Is it possible?

From the early history, losing weight has been an exciting topic. See the number of myths we ardently believe about the patterns of eating, dieting, and weight loss. If you need to maintain a good BMI and enjoy the bliss of having a stunning figure, you must come out of this darkness. Let’s have a look at the most common myths people have on this.

Eating until you no longer feel hungry is a good way to lose weight.

In fact, this is a folly and a misbelief. Stop eating before you feel uneasy from a crammed stomach. You’ll feel it difficult even to breathe. When you stop eating, there should be space in your stomach to eat another 5 or 6 mouthfuls. That should be your limit. Fill up the rest of your tummy with water. This is the way you can expect to maintain a correct BMI. Eating until you reach the fullness will never be supportive to you in this purpose.

Avoid eating after 6 p.m. It supports weight loss.

Well, this is another widely popular myth. The time of the last meal you take before sleep depends on the time you go to bed. You must give the digestive system at least 3 hours before sleep to digest all the stuff you eat. So, if you eat at 4 or 5 p.m. or even before that, you must go to bed early. Otherwise, you will either feel hungry again or run out of energy to perform the tasks before sleep. So, most probably you will tend to eat again, and that will be a reason for weight gain instead of losing it.

Cutting down certain food items will be a plus to lose weight.

Almost everybody believes that cutting down sugary, starchy and fatty food would be helpful to reduce one’s body weight. But, it is not fully true. They are two most essential nutrients to the human body. Instead of avoiding them, you must limit the intake of fats and carbohydrates. In fact, these two are the leading components that give you the energy to carry on your daily tasks. So, the best thing to lose weight is to have limitations in taking them.

Having a sumptuous breakfast is a good way to lose weight.

True that you should have a nutritious breakfast to kick start the day’s work. But, it doesn’t mean that it helps you to lose weight. But, anyway, never starve or skip meals. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast and still support the weight loss if you do it correctly. Some people reach certain reliable sources such as Liposci Labs to buy healthy food items that serve these two purposes, nutrition, and weight loss. You must avoid too much sugar, starch, and fat. Instead, have a balanced diet, a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins. It’ll be a big plus in losing weight.

Juicing and detoxing are good ways to lose weight.

This is sheer madness and not a successful way to lose weight. You will really lose several kilograms by taking in juices and following certain detoxes. Yet, all juices and no food won’t be a healthy way to lose weight. Fruit or vegetable juices do not contain all the essential nutrients just as a balanced diet gives you. And you’ll start to gain weight more rapidly as soon as you start taking solid food again. Also, eating fruit and veggies in their whole form is more beneficial than taking juices. The good load of fiber in them is essential to the human body. Fiber prevents a lot of lethal diseases and adds a big bulk to the feces making it easier to send out of the body.

So, did you change your mind? Take wise decisions on issues such as health and nutrition. Misconceptions and myths in this regard will lead you to more hazards than benefits. You must maintain a good BMI to be healthy and attractive. But, you should always follow the correct path to reap the real benefits.

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Alex writes for PhenterPro , a site that showcases weight loss clinics, a directory of diet doctors that are helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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