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How to Prevent Heart Disease in 3 Steps

how to prevent heart disease

*+-Living in a fast-paced world often leaves little time for making those drastic lifestyle changes that doctors recommend; after all, it’s difficult to plan a balanced meal when fast food chains offer quick and cheap alternatives, and it’s tough to get motivated to exercise with a schedule packed with work, family, and television. But it’s […]

Is It Crowded in Here? How Over-Population Effects the Environment

overpopulation environment

*+-Learn How Over-Population Strains the Planet’s Resources, Propagates Global Warming Climate Change Is Real In July of 2012, a long-time climate change skeptic named Richard Muller wrote an article for the New York Times stating that he had been converted, and his change of heart had come about in the most scientific way possible. In […]

Watch Out for These Office Health Hazards

office health hazard

*+-Common Office Items Can Cause Health Problems Although office equipment and technology, like computers and desk chairs, are essential to the workplace, incorrect usage may have unexpected health implications. Repetitive motions at your desk can number in the thousands in a single workday. Meanwhile, the rest of your body maintains a static position sometimes for […]

How to Prevent the Flu Naturally in 3 Ways

prevent flu

*+-Nobody likes getting the flu, but you don’t have to buy rubber gloves or a surgical mask to keep from catching the miserable illness. Learn how to prevent the flu naturally in 3 simple ways. How to Prevent the Flu Naturally: 3 Steps 1. Wash Your Hands You’ve heard this one before, but there’s a […]

3 Reasons To Try Complementary and Alternative Medicine

alternative medicine

*+-Long delegated to a bizarre sector of unconventional American medicine, alternative medicine has often been cast-off as something that’s too practical to efficiently alleviate health concerns. However, that mindset has been reversed, leading to the uncovering of a form of medicine that actually has significant value. Complementary and alternative medicine has proven a constructive and […]

Benefits and Risks of a Gluten-Free Diet


*+-In recent years, gluten-free diets have been the newest and hottest trend in weight loss. But what exactly is gluten, and is it good to have a diet free of it? Before you decide to hop on the bandwagon, you can find all you need to know about gluten-free diets right here. What Is Gluten? […]

Should You Get the Flu Vaccine?

flu vaccine

*+-Each year before flu season, millions of flu vaccines are shipped around the world to protect humans from contracting the deadly influenza virus. Despite the millions of Americans who receive the flu vaccination each year, there are some individuals who doubt its effectiveness and safety. In addition to discussing the numerous conspiracies and doubts surrounding […]

3 Surprising Reasons You Should Shave Your Head

shave your head

*+-In Western culture, baldness isn’t exactly something that men flaunt. As a matter of fact, it’s something that men vehemently combat – not physically – but with their wallets. The hair loss treatment industry is worth billions of dollars, and it has benefited immensely from the societal stigma of bald men. But is all of […]

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