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13 Ways to Start Your Morning Right

by Corey Malinowski

Having a stress-free morning is sure to set you up for success during your day. By putting in a little extra thought and time to your morning routine, you can help start the day off right. Follow these tips to start each day calm and relaxed.

Starting morning right with alarm clock

A good morning starts with a little planning the night before, and a few extra steps after you wake up.

  1. If you bring your own lunch to work, prepare it ahead of time and place it in the refrigerator. Packing your own lunch saves you not only money, but also ensures you have something you actually want to eat.
  2. Gather the ingredients for breakfast the night before, and set them aside in the refrigerator. Eating a good breakfast will help you start your day right.
  3. Set out your toothbrush, razor, shaving cream, and other grooming items on the bathroom sink.
  4. Pack your briefcase with everything you need, and place it near the door.
  5. Keep your keys in the same place, all the time. This prevents having to search for them.
  6. Use a coffee maker which you can set to brew automatically. This will allow you to have quality coffee, and also save a stop on the way to work.
  7. Sleep in 90 minute multiples. This allows you to wake up feeling well rested.
  8. Try using slowly brightening bulbs in the bathroom; these will help prevent being startled awake by going from darkness to light instantly.
  9. Set your alarm early, to allow extra time in the morning. Waking up early also has a myriad of other benefits.
  10. Take your time, do not rush around. Morning rituals such as breakfast, and shaving, can be relaxing and enjoyable.
  11. When it is cold or hot outside, start the car ahead of time. This ensures that you will come out to a comfortable car when it is time to leave.
  12. Leave early. By allowing extra time to get to work, you will not become as stressed by traffic, or worrying about being to work on time.
  13. Find a radio station you enjoy, or use an mp3 player. The morning commute will seem a lot better when you have something you can enjoy during it.

Starting the morning off right only takes a little extra effort and planning, but it can make all the difference in your day.

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