How to Empower Your Friends to Be Their Best Self

Feeling empowered can be an amazing thing. It’s what makes us feel positive and confident that we can achieve anything we set our mind to. So how do you motivate, inspire, and empower your friends and people around you?

Empowerment breeds self-respect and respect for others. The tricky part is how we become empowered. Sometimes it’s a life-changing event that gives us the push, or sometimes it’s having other people believe in us. Be the confidant who is trustworthy, honest, and wants the best for those closest to you. Here are a few ways you can empower your friends to lift them up!

Best friends empower eachother

Give your time and attention

There’s no better way to empower your friends than to show them how much you care. To do this, give them your time and attention. Whether it’s a professional issue with their boss or personal intimacy issues with their partner, having an open ear is crucial. Hear them out, validate their concerns, weigh out their options, and above all, express confidence in their decision making. By genuinely giving your time and attention as well as focusing on what’s best for them, you’ll make your friends feel appreciated.

Make sure your advice is unbiased

It can be hard to be supportive during times when our friend’s desires don’t match ours. For instance, when our best friend wants to move away to pursue one of their dreams, it can be hard to encourage them to do so because we want them to stay. In order to empower our friends, we can’t be the ones who hold them back. When they ask you whether or not they should do something that may affect you, look at the situation from an outside perspective. Is this something that is healthy for your friend and will make them happy? Are they scared because it would mean a big change? Be unbiased, supportive, and give your advice on what’s best for your friend, not what’s best for you.

Tell them how you feel about them

In life, we often hold back saying what we think and feel about people, even if it’s something good. But to truly empower your friends, you need to tell them how they make you feel. Tell them when you miss them or that they’re an amazing friend. Do it often, and especially on off days and not just when it’s expected, like on their birthday. Because the truth is, everyone wants to know how they make others feel and how they impact their lives. It’s empowering to be honest and it’s empowering to know you matter to others.

Empower your friends

Celebrate their wins

Even if your friend doesn’t make a big deal out of their latest victory, or they do and you don’t understand what it’s all about but you know it means a lot to them– celebrate it anyways. It’s truly empowering when your loved ones are just as happy for you, even if they don’t necessarily “get it.” Maybe they finally found their passion or got a unique opportunity at work– be enthusiastic and excited when they tell you about it. This will encourage them to keep working on their goals and be proud of themselves when they accomplish them.

Celebrate their losses

This may sound counterintuitive, but not all losses are in fact a loss. Your friend who recently got cheated on or who lost their dream job may not see it as a time for celebrating, but it’s your job to show them the positives. The person who cheated on them was never meant to be their soulmate, and when the door closes on a job it just means a better opportunity is right around the corner. It’ll take time for them to realize they didn’t lose as much as they thought they did, but with your help, they will soon start thinking positive and become empowered by their losses as well.

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