Straight Razor Shaving: An Old-School Tradition for the Modern Man

Want to get a close shave, save money, and look tough as hell? Then consider straight razor shaving; the shave that will separate the men from the boys.

straight razor shaving

Why You Should Shave With a Straight Razor

1. It’s a closer shave

In recent years, shaving has changed drastically. Razors have evolved to utilize two, three, or four blades, sacrificing the best shave for a faster one. Those who take the time to shave with a straight razor will tell you that no other method gets quite as close, or comfortable, a shave.

2. Relax…

Straight razor shaving can also be a relaxing and stress-relieving experience. Concentrating on the shave – which you’ll need to do – forces you to block out any anxious thoughts.

3. Be a manly-man

Tired of all the reality shows and sitcoms on television emasculating men? Shaving with a straight razor will boost how masculine you feel by continuing the ritual that men have been participating in for generations. In addition, if you’re a risk-taker you’ll love the potential danger of holding an incredibly sharp razor to your neck.

4. Save that cash!

Another benefit of straight razor shaving is that you’ll save money. With disposable razors, you must purchase new blades, or a new razor, on a regular basis. Most straight razors will last for years and won’t require any ongoing costs. While the initial cost for a good razor, crop, stone, and brush may be a little expensive, over time you will end up saving money. The only thing you need to repurchase when straight razor shaving is the soap, and that is generally less expensive than the shaving cream you would purchase for standard razors.

5. …and the planet.

Shaving with a straight razor is also good for the environment. Electric razors require the occasional blade replacement, and also, as the name says, use electricity. Electric razors are more environmentally friendly than disposable razors though. When shaving with disposable blade razors, you are disposing of non-degradable plastics. According to the EPA, Americans throw out approximately two billion disposable razors each year. A straight razor blade is reused and re-sharpened, reducing waste.

What You’ll Need

To get started with straight razor shaving you will need a few things:

  • Straight razor: Buy a quality razor that will not break the bank. When shaving with a straight razor, a poor quality razor will result in an uncomfortable, and unsatisfying shave.
  • Razor strop: this is the strip of leather used to help keep the razor-sharp and the edge even so it doesn’t produce nicks or cuts.
  • Razor Oil:  You’ll need this to ensure your blade does not oxidize.
  • Hone: This is essentially a special whetstone that is used to sharpen your razor.
  • Soap: A high-quality shaving soap will make the shaving experience more comfortable, and prevent razor burn. According to Jeffrey Shoe, owner of Jeffrey James Organics – organic beauty and grooming company – natural cleansers are preferred over conventional shaving creams:

“Chemicals in shaving cream cause redness/bumps and inflame the skin… A gentle cleanser has nourishing essential oils to soften the skin while shaving.”

So instead of wasting money, and harming the environment, give straight razor shaving a try.

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