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Autumn Transitioning

by Kristen Fisher

As summer comes to an end and the warm weather begins to fade, the days get shorter and the layers of clothing start to get heavier. For most people, saying goodbye to cookouts, warm sunshine, and the long hours of daylight can be really difficult. The end of summer can make us a little sad, but this means autumn is coming, and it’s the perfect time to restart at the beginning of a new season. It’s a time to make new goals, try new things, and maybe eat an apple cider donut or two.

Autumn transitioning

The transition of autumn can cause some memories to flood back, both good and bad. Maybe you’re not ready to transition into the season just yet, but as John Assaraf once said, “Comfort zones are a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” Here are some great ways to have an easier transition into fall so that you can grow with the season:

Find Activities for the Shorter Days

As it starts to get darker earlier, temperatures drop and the sun sets before our eyes. Without the additional hours of sunlight, you may feel more fatigue and less motivated than you felt during the summer months. To make up for this overwhelming change, find activities you enjoy that you can do indoors, away from the cold weather and dark. Whether it’s joining a intramural volleyball team, taking an art class, or joining a book club, your activities don’t have to end just because it looks like the daylight has.

What’s Your New Groove?

Transitioning into autumn can also shift our schedules and daily routines. Maybe you’re a teacher who’s going back to work or autumn begins at a particularly busy time in your department — your routine is bound to alter. If you stick by a routine, it’s easy to get set in your ways, but with autumn showcasing so many beautiful changes in nature, there is not a doubt that you can replicate that change in yourself as well! It is a great time to change things up and keep yourself mentally stimulated. As you get into a new routine, re-evaluate your goals, wellness, and favorite activities. Prioritize what’s important to you and find a plan that keeps those priorities in mind.

Work on Your Cooking Skills

One of the better aspects of autumn is the food. Cooking or eating fall recipes like apple pie, soups and pumpkin-flavored everything can put you in a happier mood. Get a new fall cookbook or find some new recipes online to spice up your lunches at work and your dinners at home. Cooking can be fun to do alone or with your whole family. Knowing you have a good meal to look forward to is a reward in itself.

Stay Moisturized

When the weather starts to get cold, our skin and hair are bound to get extremely dry. Be sure to transition your skincare and hair care routines to fight the brisk weather. Try moisturizers that have hyaluronic acid to moisturize and protect the barrier of your skin and be sure to use hair care products that have moisturizing agents in them. Another big contributor to dry skin and hair is dehydration. Train yourself to drink enough water each day to stay hydrated. This will not only make your skin feel softer and brighter, but your hair will start to look shiny as well! For tips that prevent dehydration during the colder months, go here.

Clean, Re-organize, and Declutter

Cleaning out your house and  wardrobe isn’t just for the spring. Try something different with your bedroom or your living room to make it feel more ‘you.’ Go through your closet to pack away your summer clothes and replace them with your warmer items. Re-evaluating which warmer clothes you still like and that fit you is a crucial organizational tip. Get rid of the clothing  and items you don’t wear or use anymore, and treat yourself to new pieces. If you notice that your sweaters are worn out or you decide you need a new suit for work, re-evaluate and make those swaps.

Make Plans

Autumn has some of the best activities and traditions. There’s apple picking, haunted houses, carving pumpkins, hiking, and so much more. Make plans with your friends and family to do fun things or take weekend trips. Doing so will give you something to look forward to. But don’t refrain from being a little spontaneous with last-minute plans.


The transition into autumn is a great time to reflect on yourself. With a personal assessment and a little shift in your perspective, it is possible to change your life in new and improved way. Become the person you want to be during these next coming months. And if autumn isn’t your season, just remember, it’s only temporary.

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