How to Avoid Back Pain: The Smart Way

Back pain is one of the conditions that most people experience especially when they reach adulthood. There are different consequences you will experience as a result of the pain you feel on your lower back. For others, they have to rest for the whole day whenever the pain strikes. This is one of the worst types of back pain that you will ever experience.

Imagine yourself staying in bed the whole day because of back pain. It does not only affect your productivity but also make you feel frustrated and depressed when it persists for a longer time. If you are experiencing this condition, you should know that this is one of the most common conditions people experience not only in America but also in different parts of the world. In fact, it has been reported that almost 55 million Americans are experiencing episodes of back pain.

It does not matter if you are already in the situation where you are struggling to fight the pain or you just want to prevent any future occurrence; there are different ways on how you can protect your back from this risk. Here are some smart ways for back pain relief:

Balance your diet

The food you eat can also aggravate or relieve your condition. This is something that is worth noting if you are looking for the right food to include in your plate. There are some foods that are anti-inflammatory and these are very helpful in relieving back pain. Some of the best examples of these foods are salmon, olive oil, flaxseed, nuts, ginger, green tea, and mackerel. These are the ones that you should be adding to your meals. This way, you can ward off the pain and even prevent back pain. On the other hand, there are also some foods that you should be avoiding. Some of these foods are processed foods and those that are high in saturated fat and those that contain high-fructose corn syrup.

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One of the main causes of back pain is being static for long hours. This is common for people who are sitting in front of the computer or those whose jobs require them to be inactive the whole day. If you are standing, sitting or even lying down for a longer time, you will realize how your back will also be affected. If this is the cause of your back pain, you have to consider getting up and walking around once in a while. You can also consider doing some simple stretches that will let you move your muscles.

Getting the right mattress

One of the best ways to deal with back pain is to invest on the right mattress. Do not go for a product that just looks comfortable and soft. The most important thing is to get a mattress that will be good for your back. Consider different factors such as your body structure and the size of the bed. For this, there are no recommended bed features for everyone because people have different needs. What is comfortable to one person may cause back pain for another. This is why you should know the perfect bed for you. If you are experiencing back pain, get a bed where you can sleep soundly.

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Go with inversion therapy

Inversion therapy is one of the effective techniques that can help you deal with back pain. This strategy involves literally inverting the person to give the back a little rest. With inversion therapy, you will be suspended upside down to help relieve back pain and to stretch your spine. This method is actually supported by a theory that tackles how a change in the body’s gravity can help ease back pain. This is recommended for people who are experiencing chronic lower back pain, scoliosis among others. According to research, inversion therapy can help decrease inflammation, increase blood circulation and remove the fluid from the spine. As a result, you will have an improved spine and you can lessen back pain.

Avoid high heels

You may be thinking that high heels are important to make you have a better posture but it can actually cause back pain. This is why you need to avoid this as much as possible. You should choose the shoes with a height that is rightly proportioned for you to be able to walk and stand comfortably. If there are days when you cannot avoid using shoes with high heels, make sure that you are only going to use it for a short period of time. Prolonging your use of this type of shoes will just make you feel uncomfortable to the point of having back pain. Be selective of the shoes that you wear not only for your own comfort but also to avoid other conditions that will just result to bad effects in the future.

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Back pain may be something that happens to the majority of people around the world but it can be avoided. By considering the different tips provided above, you can easily prevent the risk of back pain. Be smart especially in doing the common chores that you used to do. As you age, you have to consider that your strength and the quality of your bones and muscles also change. With this, you need to be more careful with how you move especially if you are lifting a heavy object.


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