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An Introduction to Shaman Durek

by Kristen Fisher

We would like to place an introduction from Shaman Durek! So the Inspiyr community can take a gander at what Durek has to offer as a Spiritual individual and teacher.

Shaman Durek is an author, activist, and women’s empowerment leader who focuses his practice specifically on helping people learn how to make shamanism a lifestyle choice for evolutionary adaptation. 

Durek acts as mediator or “bridge” between the spiritual and physical planes and applies ancient spiritual wisdom, coupled with decades of devoted study and practice, to help bring success, happiness, and healing into clients’ lives. Shaman Durek comes from a long lineage of spiritual practitioners including ministers, oracles, and healers.

Shaman Durek’s greatest gifts are his healing hugs and his innate power to see the truth of who you are. You’ll instantly feel seen, and appreciated. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him and let me tell you he is no regular “healer.” He’s a world-famous third-generation shaman who works with many diverse public figures and leading organization in conflict areas around the world.

Shaman Durek is extremely passionate about: 
  • Liberating women worldwide and empowering women to step into their power
  • Spirit hacking the mind and body
  • How to tell who’s a real Shaman/ How to spot an authentic Shaman
  • Victim consciousness
  • How judgment is the spirit killer – one of the biggest blocks
  • What it means to be operating in the matrix

By empowering women and giving talks about expanding the consciousness when it comes to social issues. Durek has traveled from the Middle East, Europe, and now as Durek is in L.A. He will be making his way across the East Coast as well. Shaman Durek is seen as a global wellness leader who intends to help the world.

We will shortly be presenting a Q&A with Shaman Durek for the Inspiyr Community.

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