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Challenge: Learn A New Skill Every Day in April 2020

by Nicole Yormark

Here is a challenge to learn a new skill every day.

The most interesting people I know love to learn new things and share them with everyone around them.

Today you can learn something new, fun and interesting.
In fact, here is a challenge to learn something new every day this month.

What can you learn that you have been putting off for years?
You can learn anything with small changes.

Here is a list of skills that you can learn in just a few minutes or hours with online tutorials.
Pick out one skill a day to add to your toolbox:  

Cooking Hacks

There are a ton of different “hacks” that you can use to making cooking more enjoyable. Here are some tutorial and videos for cooking hacks: How to chop an onion (without crying)
Make a great hamburger for dinner tonight
Make the Perfect Poached Egg
How to pit an avocado
How to Make a Cappuccino at Home without a machine

Learn New Skills

How to pick a lock with paper clips
Learn to juggle in under 4 hours
How to tie a bow tie
25 ways to tie a scarf
How to say “I love you” in 10 different languages
How to do calligraphy (with a normal pen)
How to play 10 songs on your guitar with just 4 chords
Pen spins #1 and #2
How to cut your bangs
3 easy card tricks you can learn in 5 minutes
How to do a palm reading
10 tips for taking better iPhone photos
How to Draw 3D Trick Art
How to perform CPR

Money Saving Ideas

Money Saver: How to Make Your Own Foaming Hand Soap
How to Grow herbs in indoors
How to Pickle Vegetables
How to check the oil in your car 
How to change a flat tire

Increase Productivity

Productivity Hack: Gmail keyboard shortcuts 
How to ask for a raise (could be worth over $1M+ in your lifetime)  

Learn Some New Dance Moves

Learn some new dance moves:
Throw it Back
How to moonwalk
Here are some solo dances you can learn with some beginning county line dances.
Easy Line Dances
Tush Push

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