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Fashion, Science, and the Mature Woman

by Kristen Fisher

It’s safe to say that some women do not get the credit they deserve, especially when it comes to fashion. Mainly the women that have seen style trends come and go, but nevertheless have curated their own personal style. Some reflect a certain era that meant a great deal to them, while others have simply manifested into a touch of bygone years that still ring true.

For a moment let’s step away from the catwalk or the latest trend. Instead, let’s talk about the women that have never failed to turn heads when it comes to dressing to impress. However, they only dress to impress themselves and not to the appease of others. This is celebrating the mature woman who wears her heart on her shoulder, head held high, and a collection of knowledge that has served her through the years.

Maye Musk

Maye Musk is currently the 70-year-old CoverGirl Model that makes all of us young women wish we could become.  Musk’s background is nothing short of extraordinary. First off, the elements of scientific knowledge have played a huge role in Musk’s life.  Eventually, Musk went on to teach her own practice involving nutrition, but that did not stop her love for microbiology, and physics. Now, remember this is in a time where the internet did not exist and honestly, well-educated women were looked down upon. Essentially, women deciding to go into the field of science as a career was not an option.

So the question has to be asked, “What can we learn from the women who have gone forward to create their own style?”

Simple. Live the life you want to live, instead of living by anyone else’s idea of how you should live. This is about taking control of you’re own future to ensure happiness.

How Can This Be Done?

Oddly, it sounds more simple than truly acting upon the notion. Live life for yourself. The women before us are sharing their experiences to ensure we can follow our own path. Like Maye Musk who chose a life of science to further educate herself, go on to educate yourself (if you wish) towards a subject that has great value or meaning.

Even fashion comes into play. As time moves forward and interested mold or change, our fashion changes along with it, as it should. Instead, women become more attune on what hues brighten a sad situation, or which style makes a bold statement. Still, fashion is a form of unfolding, more so towards our own identity. Someone may feel more empowered by wearing red, or a particular piece of jewelry.  Furthermore, fashion has a way of communicating who we are or who we want to be. So why face away from the crowd, when women before us are leaving a lasting impression by showing future generations of women how to own their self-worth? Ask your grandmother, great-aunt, or some who you admire about their life and the obstacles that they faced. It must be true, that to embrace the future we must learn from the past.

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