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Men: 10 Ways to Go Green and Stay Sexy

by April Masini

There are lots of women who think guys who recycle, carry their own cloth grocery bags or insist on paper, and who drive hybrids (yes, even Porsche has a hybrid now in case you love cars), are hot. Any guy who pays attention to that kind of detail when it comes to Mother Nature is probably going to pay as much attention to the woman in his life, and if he goes the extra mile for paper not plastic, he’s probably going to be as generous and attentive in bed.

You know how nerds are the new jocks and jocks usually do just fine for themselves when it comes to dating? Well men who go green definitely have an advantage with women in the yoga studio, the juice bar (wheatgrass shot, anyone?) and the Saturday monthly electronic waste e-round up at City Hall.

The great thing about people who want to go green is that they’re trying to make their lives more sensual. Reducing the energy that comes between you and your body is what going green is all about. I really see it as getting back to basics and going au naturale as much as possible. Taking a walk to dinner on a Friday night, saves gas and is a great way to romance a woman and give her your best green impression. It’s also great exercise and a way to just focus on each other instead of traffic, the radio and weather.

Here are some ways to minimize your energy footprint and get a leg up with attractive women at the same time:

1. Turn out the lights. Enough said.

2. Buy energy saving bulbs, which are great for the environment, bad for her best look in makeup — and she’ll want you to turn the lights off. Getting the picture?

3. Turn down the heat in the winter and make a fire in the fireplace. Do you really need an explanation for this? Fire (candlelight or fireplace glow) is romantic and encourages touching.

4. Use cloth bags instead of paper or plastic at the market. Great way to strike up a conversation — not enough room in your bag? Ask another cloth-bag user (who is cute) if she’s got an extra you can borrow. Get her number to return it.

5. Hybrids. Hippie-chick magnet. Conversation starter at the gas station. Almost every luxury car now makes a hybrid version and if you buy an electric car, you might as well buy a number dispenser so the women can take a ticket and wait in line.

6. Share your shower, save water.

7. Share your bed, save on laundry. You’re only going to need to wash one set of sheets per two people. You’ve reduced your laundry footprint for your sheets by 50%. Now that’s sexy math. (And science.)

8. Use a clothesline instead of a dryer when the weather is dry and hot and sunny — meet your neighbors. (Or make them jealous with her lacy thongs on your clothesline.)

9. Attend environmental fundraisers and meet others with your shared concerns. Everyone I know is looking for ways to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. I can’t think of a better venue to meet interesting singles.

10. Fact: Most people who go green are successful at other things in their lives. Having the desire to reduce your energy footprint in common is a great way to edit out people who are a waste of time for you in the dating game.


April Masini is a relationship expert and author of four books including Date Out of your League. April has been featured on ABC, CBS and FOX and offers advice at


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