The Best Products That Repel Insects Naturally

In the summertime most people turn to bug sprays containing poisonous chemicals that aren’t just deadly for bugs, they’re harmful to adults, pets and children. The Inspiyr team reviewed natural ways to fight off insects, and came up with the below top five ways to keep your summertime fun bug-free.

5 Ways to Repel Bugs Naturally

Bug Button has been protecting families from insects for over 12 years with their non-toxic insect repellent products. They offer several different ways to fight off mosquitos, gnats, bees, flies and other bugs.

We liked their Super-Band the best. Our testers wore it on their wrist, and it seemed to create an invisible shield warding off unwanted visitors. The best part was that when the testers went back inside, they easily removed the band, and with it the light scent of citronella that was emanating from the product.

This is the perfect product for people who want a natural way to keep insects away, without having to spray or apply any balms that could leave a scent for hours.

Badger Balm offers all sorts of natural skincare products for adults and children including sun care, lotions and soaps. We tested their Anti-Bug Balm, which is DEET-free and 100% natural. Our testers applied the balm all over their legs and arms, and actually enjoyed the scent and feel of it on their skin.

The product was mostly effective against mosquitos and flies. This is the perfect product for people on-the-go who want to carry a small container of insect protection with them.

MadeOn offers natural insect repellent lotion in the form of a bar, which you rub on your skin, allowing the lotion to fight insects while giving off a very pleasant scent. This is the perfect product for those who want to fight bugs while moisturizing your skin at the same time.

Greenfire makes massage-oil candles that do triple-duty; they provide light, the oil burned can be used to moisturize and massage your skin, and the oil also acts as an insect repellent. These are perfect for a late night picnic with significant other, or when you’re just looking to soak up some sunshine in a bug-free zone.

Along with providing multiple uses, they’re shipped in recycled and reusable materials, are made from sustainable materials, and overall are just a great way to fight bugs while having an excuse to give your partner a massage. Who doesn’t love that?

If you’re the DIY type, try making your own anti-bug recipe using natural essential oils that will keep the insects away You could also try using natural soaps containing essential oils which can be another way to keep the bugs away.

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