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This Furniture Company Turns Skateboards into Stools

by Dan Cassidy

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Jason Podlaski and his brother Adam developed a passion for snowboarding and skateboarding.  After studying Industrial Design in college and working at a furniture company, Jason was asked by his brother to create something unique out of a pile of his broken skateboards. Jason accepted the challenge, and the Deckstool skateboard furniture line was born.

Deckstool creates products from stools and benches to keychains and magnets. Nearly all the materials are sourced from skateboards used in the US, and the manufacturing “magic” happens in Pennsylvania.  Deckstool’s goal is to utilize as much of the skateboard as possible in order to minimize waste.  They’ll use certain parts for the stool, others for the bench, and smaller scraps get built into items like keychains and magnets.  More about the Deckstool landmark product itself:

Solidly crafted using once shattered skateboards and held together by a skateboard truck, the deckstool is strong and stable. Finely finished edges frame beautifully scuffed graphics that tell the story of the decks’ previous lives. A great side stool or table, the deckstool is especially versatile in rooms with limited floor space. Also excellent as a video game stool, or guitar/drum stool.

Consumers who love skateboarding, or those looking for an alternative piece of furniture that’s a great conversation piece, should check out Deckstool. They’ll either accept your broken or used skateboards for the stools and benches, or you can request a recycled board if you don’t provide one. Deckstool then works to blend function with alternative fashion, while reducing the sport’s environmental impact and making a difference in the local community.

Broken skateboards are an unfortunate side effect of skateboardingand are usually destined for the landfill. We recycle this waste into unique, high quality furniture and other cool products. Our designs are inspired by skateboarding and they are engineered based upon how skateboards break during use. The scrapes, scars, and graffiti on the used decks create beautiful patterns over the original skateboard artwork. All of our products are meticulously built and finished in the USA.

Our recycling program collects broken boards from independent skateshops and parks in the US and Canada. By recycling broken boards with us, these small skateboard businesses raise extra money for their shop or to fund local skatepark projects.

You can view the product line and place an order at

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