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Why You Should Drink Black Coffee

by Elyse Loeb

Attention all coffee lovers, are you psyched about the new research linking coffee to a longer life? It’s time to even out the score and makes you think twice about calling that Venti Caramel Frappuccino a friend. Research has shown that drinking coffee is linked to a diminished risk of Alzheimer’s and diabetes. However, that so-called coffee you just ordered from Starbucks is not what scientists had in mind. According to Yahoo Health, you’ll want to drink black coffee to get the best health benefits:

“Coffee in its purest, blackest form is good for you. Now the bad news: That mix of chocolate, whipped cream, eggnog, and mystery syrup in your cup is not coffee. And it’s definitely not good for you. In fact, researchers studied coffee habits in New York and found that two-thirds of Starbucks’ customers opt for blended coffee drinks over regular brewed coffee or tea. The average caloric impact of the blended drinks was 239 calories. The regular coffee or tea, by comparison, was only 63 calories after factoring in added cream and sugar.”

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Need another reason to swap that whipped cream beverage for a black coffee:

“Black coffee gives you a surge of energy in the morning and can also aid in weight loss because it is free of sugary syrups and saturated-fat creamers. The caffeine in coffee provides weight loss benefits; however, Mayo Clinic reports that decaffeinated coffee may also contribute to slight weight loss.”

So trade in that high-calorie chocolaty drink for some real coffee and watch the pounds melt away. Not ready for that big of a commitment? Here’s a list of the 6 worst coffee drinks and some delicious, healthier alternatives.

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