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Good Fashion for Men: 10 Wardrobe Must Haves

by Elyse Loeb

Is your closet full of clothes you never really wear? Instead, be efficient by filling your closet with a few “good” fashion pieces that never go out of style. Here are the items no man should be without, that will look great on you and are good for the environment.

1 ) Comfortable boxer briefs. Check out Wama Underwear which makes light, breathable hemp boxer briefs. Perfect for daily wear.

2 ) White button-up shirt. This is a necessity in every man’s wardrobe because it goes with, well, everything. The standard white shirt is necessary in both casual and professional settings; it will never go out of style. One of our favorites brands is Boll Organic with their exceptionally designed organic cotton dress shirts.

3 ) Blue jeans. What more can be said? How can you live without a pair of jeans. No matter if they are slightly faded or have a small rip, they are one of the most versatile item in a male’s wardrobe. Made partially from reclaimed plastic beer bottles, Bottle Rockets by Bonobos are a fashionable and eco-friendly option.

4 ) Khakis. Equally as versatile as jeans, khakis are another staple item. They are perfect for occasions when jeans seem too casual but you want to maintain your sense of comfort. Try out the sustainable People’s Chino from Nau for a modern twist on the traditional khaki pant.

5 ) Plain white t-shirt. Whether you are working around the house or going into town, the white t-shirt comes in handy. The white t-shirt works year-round, pair it with shorts and sandals in the summer or under sweaters in the winter. You can’t go wrong with the soft, organic cotton Favorite Crewneck Tee by PACT. The purchase of each t-shirt helps to do good with profits being donated to numerous causes.

6 ) Overcoat. An overcoat is a necessity when it comes to being professional in the winter months. Stick to wool or cashmere to stay warm while still looking put-together. Black, navy and charcoal gray are your best bets. The single-breasted Joaquin overcoat by Vaute Couture is sure to make heads turn with its recyclable vegan shell and zero-waste satin lining.

7 ) Blazer/sports jacket. A good blazer can dress up almost any outfit. Go for a simple, solid-colored jacket; it is a timeless piece. A good place to look is Versace, which has a large selection of eco-friendly menswear such as the Organic Two Button Sportcoat.

8 ) Black dress shoes. Keep it simple with a lace-up pair of black leather shoes. They work well with a suit or even just a pair of slacks. Novacus offers well-made designer dress shoes that are also vegan. Our personal favorite is the classic oxford shoe, Dennis by Novacas.

9 ) Brown loafers. These are good for more casual occasions and make good daily footwear for most men. They are perfect for the office or with a pair of jeans. The eco-conscious Earthkeepers City Auburndale Venetianare by Timberland is the way to go.

10 ) Solid colored ties. No suit is complete without a tie. Blue and red ties are a good investment because they last through the ages while more flashy colors like pink tend to come and go with the trends. Check out The Life Tie Project, a company which donates 25% of profits to cancer research organizations.

Whether you’re just starting to build your wardrobe, or have been working at it for years, make sure you have each of these good fashion pieces so you’ll be able to look great while doing good.

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