5 Tips on Overcoming Adversity

Though we are living in the age of self-help gurus and motivational speakers, it seems that everywhere we go, people are more stressed and unbalanced than ever before. Many are experiencing cycles of frustration and failure instead of living the life of their dreams. However, there is a secret to overcoming adversity that the champions know.

If you want to experience a life of victory, you must develop endurance to overcome adversity. That means having the stamina to stand through any storm that life brings your way, as well as the tenacity to triumph even in moments of great turbulence.

You must be unshakeable even in moments of uncertainty.

Overcoming adversity doesn’t have to be impossible.

overcoming adversity

5 Ways To Overcome Adversity

1. Have the right mindset

Your thoughts are essential; they frame the triumphs or tragedies of your life. Getting past adversity requires a change in your belief about challenges. It is not what happens to you, but how you respond to it that is important here.

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You must realize that difficulty is not designed to derail you, but to develop you. A positive mindset is essential.

2. Stop making excuses

Excuses are the lies we tell ourselves when we’re too afraid of the future. Whatever you tell your mind will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you don’t achieve your dreams, it will be because you made the decision to be detained by excuses.

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Excuses will always keep you in a limited place. Overcoming adversity is impossible when you’re making excuses. You conquer excuses by having the courage to step out and do what seems impossible.

3. Have faith

It takes more energy to live a life full of fear than to live one full of faith. To fear is to convince yourself to live in the walls you build yourself. To have faith is to convince yourself to embrace change.

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You can either live in faith or live in fear; however, faith and fear cannot coexist. When your desire to overcome becomes greater than your fear, you’ll overcome adversity naturally. Fear will always attempt to immobilize you, while faith is designed to energize you.

4. Don’t take “no” for an answer

My business almost failed on three separate occasions. While some would lie down and let their dreams float away, I knew that I could achieve mine. I felt the greatest urgency to get up and keep trying. If I would have just given up in my disappointment, I would have never lived the life of my dreams.

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Trials will occur in life, but endurance requires you to never stop trying. Trials are one of the greatest teaching tools of life.  I am so glad that I bounced back. I learned in that moment that my response to difficulty will determine whether or not I realize my dreams. Never become defined by the insurmountable. Dare to do the impossible!

5. Let each success energize you

With every success, we are strengthened and empowered for greater victories. You cannot become enslaved by disappointments. You must realize that every disappointment is being engineered for your destiny.

The Takeaway

Life can get us down, but we can pick ourselves back up. We must learn and not be limited by the experiences of our lives. We are strong, and we all have a dreamer inside of us. Anything is possible if we are willing to persevere.

Overcoming adversity is the secret of champions. Through having the right mindset, not making excuses or taking “no” for an answer, having faith, and being energized by success, you can overcome anything that life has to throw at you.


Jamelle SandersJamelle Sanders is the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International. Jamelle is committed to empowering entrepreneurs and leaders to live up to their true potential and to profit wildly in their businesses. Jamelle is a life coach, author, leading empowerment specialist, and highly respected thought leader. Jamelle has successfully empowered leaders and entrepreneurs around the world to succeed in business and in life.

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