How to Alleviate Pre-Interview Jitters

Job interviews can be life-changing, with the potential for you to land your dream job and start your career in earnest. With so much on the line, it’s only natural to be nervous about meeting your potential new boss and making the right impression. Before the big day arrives, take a moment to think about all the ways you can calm your nerves and enter your interview with confidence. Take note of these tips below: 

Try CBD Products

CBD products from leading industry names like Joy Organics may have more of an impact than you think on your anxiety or nerves. CBD oil, edibles, or even an energy drink may calm you down just enough to enter the interview room with confidence and show the interviewing team what you’re capable of. 

While not everyone is convinced that CBD is a suitable option for anxiety, the studies are promising. Current evidence suggests that CBD has potential as treatment for multiple anxiety disorders due to its ability to reduce amygdala activation and alter medial prefrontal amygdala connectivity. 

Be Prepared

There are few things as anxiety-inducing as walking into a job interview unprepared. To avoid not being able to answer the interviewer’s questions or having the information they need, make sure you put time and effort into preparation. 

Find out as much as possible about the company you may be working for and think about the most commonly asked job interview questions you may need to have answers for. The more prepared you are, the more confident you may feel. 

Free Up Your Day

The average weekday can be hectic, especially if you have errands to run, family to look after, and a full work schedule. When you add a job interview on top of that, you may soon find yourself overloaded and stressed. If possible, try to keep your interview day as free as possible so that you can arrive at the interview feeling calm and confident.

Write Notes

As beneficial as it might be to remember everything you want to say off by heart, you don’t need to. Job interviewers aren’t going to frown upon bringing notes that you can refer to for talking points. Having notes may also give you an added layer of confidence since there’s no chance of forgetting important details you’d like the interviewers to know. 

Breathe Deeply

High-stress situations cause our hearts to race, and you may feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you take fast, shallow breaths. Take a moment to breathe deeply to slow down your heart rate. You may even like to use mindfulness practices to calm yourself down and put you in the right headspace for your interview. 

Think Before Speaking

When you’re being asked questions, your nerves can get the better of you, and you may provide answers without truly thinking about them. Never be afraid to take a moment to think about the question so that you can answer the way you had practiced. Your interviewer may even be impressed by your composure and confidence. 

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, and there may be no way to remove your pre-interview jitters entirely. However, you may be able to significantly reduce their impact by doing any of these things above.

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