Doing the Impossible: Five Laws to Achieve What Others Say You Can’t

Have you ever had a burning desire to do something that others deemed impossible?  We’ve all heard it before: You’re crazy; there’s no way anyone can do that; get real; and stop dreaming.

But despite what the naysayers and critics might say, it is possible to do what others see as impossible. In fact, for many it is what motivates them to achieve the greatest advancements in our society.

Many things that we take for granted today were once considered impossible. Great visionaries know that what can be imagined can be achieved. The challenge is that one of the biggest fears people have is failure. That fear of failure, combined with being surrounded by those that instill doubt in other’s success, is what stops many from trying in the first place.

Who would have thought 100 years ago that human flight was possible? Now we are doing the impossible every day. Running a mile under four minutes was considered physically impossible until Roger Banister did it in 1954, and many others have done this since then. Prior to the ’60s, no one ever thought we would land on the moon. The list goes on and on.

There are steps you can take to achieve the impossible–or at least, what others think is impossible.

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Five Laws for Doing The Impossible

1. Channel Your Obsession

We all have obsessions in life. The difference is that those who do the impossible get obsessed with something productive that can make an impact. It’s not necessarily that they are more obsessive than everyone else; they just channel that focus into a project or goal to change their lives and the world around them.

Make a list of the things you are obsessed with in your life. Are they positive or negative?

Negative obsessions include constantly looking on Facebook and Twitter, checking your email every five minutes and staying up until 1 a.m. to beat your high score on your favorite video game. Positive obsessions are things like reading books, exercise, becoming a life-long student of self-education and personal development and taking continuing education classes in your field to stay ahead of your competitors.

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2. Decide To Be The Chosen One

Those who dare to do the impossible desire to be the solution to a problem. They thrive on people relying on them. They enjoy delivering on their promises. They seek out responsibility. A hero or chosen one wants to make an impact and leave a legacy. She has a sense of responsibility to a cause.

What is your cause? What have you been chosen to do? Have a clear picture of what you feel chosen to do and make that your purpose. We’re at a time in this country where we’re counting on many people all across the nation to decide to be the chosen ones of their generation.

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3. Let Controversy be Your Status Quo

Most people want to be extremely careful to say all the right things and do everything “by the book.” The world has taught us that if we play it safe and just follow the system, everything will work out. Those who do the impossible do the total opposite.

They are so set in their beliefs that they are willing to fight for them until the end. Nowhere in history will you find someone who either changed the world or challenged the thinking of a nation by just going with the flow. Doing the impossible means challenging the normal way of thinking, going against the grain and carving out a new path that other people can’t yet see.

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4. Push the Envelope

This means go beyond the limits of what you know you can do and find out what you are capable of. Growth comes from resistance. If you’re not experiencing any resistance in your life, you’re probably not growing personally and professionally.

If you find yourself at a place where everything is routine at work and you are just going through the motions in your life, you need to set yourself up to be challenged. Whether it’s professionally, in your marriage, as a parent, spiritually or as a member of your community, we can all get better at every area of our lives.

Challenge yourself to get to the next level. Pushing the envelope means finding out just how fast your plane can fly and how high it can go.

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5. Let The Right Ones In

Your associations have a lot to do with where you’re at in every area of your life. The idea is to create an “advisory board” of friends who will lift you up, challenge you, inspire you and hold you accountable. People that tell you things are possible when others say they are impossible.

Surround yourself with people who will have a positive influence on your life. Think of your associations in terms of assets and liabilities. People who are assets are mentors, or your guides to an increased identity. Look for people who have qualities that you want to develop in yourself and learn from them. The will help you turn the impossible, to possible.

Keep in mind that people want to associate themselves with others who add to their lives. If you constantly bring value to others, you will be someone who others seek to associate with as well.

The journey of doing the impossible will be at times frustrating and fulfilling, at times exasperating and enjoyable; but it will always be worthwhile. The most important thing is, don’t be afraid to fail. Dust your self off and keep going. Not every problem can be solved but there will always be a way around the barriers that are thrown in front of you.


patrick bet david headshotPatrick Bet-David is an entrepreneur, author and self-made success who emigrated from war-torn Iran to the U.S. and has made financial literacy his personal crusade.  He is the founder and CEO of People Helping People (PHP).

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