Why the End of Summer Makes Us A Little Sad

Have you noticed that once each time as Summer comes to an end, a familiar feeling starts to set in? A bit blue around the edges, so to speak? There are reasons as to why you are feeling this way. The sad feeling that comes about towards the end of August has a scientific reasoning. It’s all aimed at anyone who is a lover of the sunshine. Typically the “August Blues” can target individuals who do not want to deal with Winter and the long season ahead of those dim, cloudy days.

1.) The Days Are Starting To Get Shorter

With Fall impending around the corner and the longest day of the year already in the past (June 21st), the August blues is an actual real thing.  We all know Winter to seemingly stretch on forever some years and others, rejoice when the Winter is simply mild.


2.) A Slew Of Holidays Means Busy, Busy, Busy

Having the knowledge that a slew of impending holidays will be followed throughout October-January can easily overwhelm some of us. Those some of us that take every holiday into careful consideration because Thanksgiving is about being able to buy a plane ticket or acquiring the right recipe for grandma’s perfectly cooked turkey. Or having enough candy for Halloween, of course, finding the right costumes for the kids or, yourself. Then Christmas Eve and Christmas where it takes about a month and a half to fully arrange a plan capable enough to not go awol.

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I’ve had close friends hit a low point or, have mental breakdowns because of the expectations that can take place during these holidays. Sometimes all it takes is the notion to remember: You come first. It’s not being selfish if you need your own space and time. Everyone will still be there, be good to yourself first.

3.) Trying To Stay On Top Of Your Fitness Game

When Fall comes rolling in the sweaters come out and that means comfort food will be knocking too. There is nothing wrong with indulgence, however, we all seem to regret it when the holidays are over. By the time the New Year is a week away, everyone tries to stick to a meal plan/workout regimen. Yet, you can find a way to not only include a changeable workout plan to incorporate some comfort food this will gradually take away some stress from your life. Discover workout ideas based around the changing seasons.

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