7 Tips for Staying Positive When The Going Gets Rough

When you’re going through a rough patch, do you find it difficult to look on the bright side?

Even if you’re the sunniest person in the world, it can be difficult staying positive when tough times present themselves. Sometimes, problems can seem overwhelming.

However, we will all go through many difficult situations in our lives, and we don’t want to waste our lives being sad. Looking on the bright side will help pull you out of your funk and stay on top of your game. Staying positive when you’re going through a difficult time is easier than you think if you follow a few tips.

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Tips for Staying Positive in a Difficult Situation

1. Figure out the little things that make you happy

Earlier this month, I was incredibly stressed with the amount of workload I had, and I was really starting to get negative. I cuddled myself up in blankets, put on my Santa hat, and listened to Christmas music to get some work done. I instantly felt better.

Why, you ask? Because all those things make me happy! Figure out what makes you happy so you can surround yourself with these things during the hard times and stay positive no matter what.

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2. Focus on what’s good

When something goes wrong, have you found yourself thinking about everything that’s ever gone wrong in your life? It can be tempting to focus on the negatives of your life when the going gets tough. But don’t let yourself get swallowed up in the darkness—focus on the light!

It’s there, and it’s what you need to pull you out of your bad mood so you can stay positive. Count your blessings, not your curses.

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3. Work towards a goal

Staying positive is easier to do when you’re working towards something you care about. Going through some hard times doesn’t mean you have to be unproductive. Whether that goal is to run a marathon, finish a work project, or learn how to play piano, figure out what you want to work towards and let that be your creative outlet when you’re feeling down.

4. Wear your favorite outfit

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