Places To Go In San Francisco for Picture Perfect Blooms

Ready for a general knowledge test? If so, how much do you think you know about San Francisco, CA? Well, at the very least, anyone would say that it is a lively city with so much to offer – perhaps more than most people think.

Not only is it the quintessence of Northern California, but it’s also a culturally diverse cosmopolitan city where you will basically lack nothing. And, wait, the best part is not in its name – The Golden City – No!

The area is naturally beautiful with endless amazing sites and lots of great things to do in San Francisco. Of course, this includes numerous picturesque sites frequented by tourists and event holders, featuring live flowers in the background and purchased blooms alike.

The following places are worth paying a visit to for the best picture with blooms in San Francisco. Whether you are a local or doing a greater LA to San Francisco road trip, these must-visit places are the perfect places to see the incredible blooms.

1. The Golden Gate Bridge

If you are the kind of person who likes to send postcard-worthy pictures to friends and family, then the Golden Gate Bridge is where you’d want to set your camera next. This is a site with memorabilia and a tail that will forever be recorded in the annals of history. The breathtaking sight of the waves and the surrounding Marin hills is specifically worth taking a shot at.

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But what if you believe having flowers around helps improve your wellness? Numerous picturesque flowers bloom in the Golden Gate Park, from the California poppies, tulips, and azaleas, in spring, to the Roses and Dahlias of summer, as well as the stunningly appealing ribes and camellias of winter.

And that’s not all! The best thing about being in San Francisco is that you can always have flowers delivered right where you are and when you want them. You just have to make sure you’re dealing with a reliable flower delivery service. For a picture-perfect session near your favorite blooms, bring a great camera and ensure every shot is taken from the best angle possible. 

2. The Crissy Field

Situated on San Francisco Peninsula’s Northern shore, this public recreation is famous for lots of elegant wildflowers. Funny enough, Crissy Field is located in the golden gate park conservancy. Here’s an interesting San Francisco fact, this area has been known to contain bitter-sweet memories of soldiers who fought in the Great War.

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It was an airfield that helped overcome great struggles and thereabout, you’ll find beautiful beaches, a great view of the bay, and it’s a great recreation spot for the locals and tourists alike. It can be a great spot for couples, families, and friends who after some good time will take advantage of the scenic views, taking some pictures together. Do not forget to take home with you some souvenirs from the curio shops around.

3. Palace Of Fine Arts

Have your pictures taken on this great site that has its designs reflected through Greek and Roman architecture, no wonder the name, “Palace.” It’s an old exposition that has its history exuding originality with romance filling the air. Take a stroll within buildings that will take you down memory lanes. Other things you can do while enjoying yourself include:

  • A stroll through the humongous buildings
  • Bird watching near the lagoon
  • Wine and dine in the marina restaurant
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4. The Fisherman’s Wharf

This is a great attraction where you can take picture-perfect photos with sea lions in the background. If you happen to be a seafood enthusiast, then the fishermen in this great neighborhood will help to calm your taste buds. 

Especially when on a date with your significant other holding a bouquet of roses, the beautiful reflection of the moon against the ocean will flood your photos with a pop of color and excitement.

San Francisco is strategically set and harbors friendly people. As is the norm, pictures have for long remained the best ways to preserve experiences, memories, and connections with places visited during trips. Flowers add excitement to it all. Whether you’re a photographer or San Francisco is your next vacation destination, you may find the above few points inspiring.

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