Sunday Meditation: How To Begin

When meditation comes into question, most of us may not understand what consists of meditating. How the mind quiets down, mindfulness becomes present and breathing techniques are a key ingredient to meditating.

Half the time our brain activity looks like the image above, full of to-do lists, memorizing keynotes for that next meeting or simply remembering what the schedule will look like next week. With an absolute guarantee discovering a balance between reality/life and a quiet moment is a thin line. This can change and you can help adjust those pathways already carved and dedicated towards a negative way of thinking. That the possible is impossible.

Below will be a list of some tips to help with beginner’s meditation.

1.) Finding a quiet space or creating a quiet space.

  • This can be a room or a small corner, anything that will have no distractions or loud noises.

2.) Whether seated or lying down, place a cushion to protect from any lower back pain.

  • Most experience a few pinches and aches when it comes to sitting for too long in one position. Start off with a seated meditation before lying down, (typically from the start) lying down can cause sleepiness.
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3.) To help quiet the mind, start breathing.

  • Do not control your breathing, breath normally.

4.) Recognize what the body does while breathing.

  • Focus on how inhaling expands the body and exhaling releases any stress or toxic thoughts. One may notice how these stressful thoughts start to leave the mind. If not, this is perfectly normal, keep breathing at an even pace.

5.) As a beginner meditating for a total of 5 minutes or less is a great starting point.

  • Do not go into meditating at 10 or 20 minutes. Starting with a shorter frame of time will help the mind adjust.

This handful of techniques will help with the first stages of meditation. There are various types of meditations from chanting meditation, singing meditation, and etc. It all comes down to which type benefits you.

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