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These Scientists Cooked Up The World’s Healthiest Meal

by Zach Rogers

Researchers have examined about 4,000 health claims commonly used by food manufacturers and supermarkets to sell their products in an effort to determine what could be constituted as the healthiest meal, ever.

They narrowed down to only 222 claims that had some merit in regards to scientific fact – and have created what is being called the “Healthiest Meal, Ever.”

The meal plan includes ingredients that can not only provide you with a filling main course, but with also extra snacks and treats with equal benefits.

Scientists at Leatherhead Food Research created the meal using the 222 surviving health claims which have now been cleared by the European Union food administration.

The meal features salmon terrine, a dish that contains Omega 3 acids and docosahexaenoic acids (DHA), which are good for your heart, arteries, and brain.

Following that, a mixed leaf salad with extra virgin olive oil dressing is presented, an ideal addition for maintaining blood cholesterol levels.

The main course, Chicken casserole with lentils and mixed vegetables, is the healthiest part of the meal with the study showing it could satisfy 80 of the official health claims safely.

The protein in the meal ‘contributes to a growth in muscle mass’, while the pantothenic acid found in lentils can ‘improve mental performance’.

For dessert, a live yogurt-based blancmange topped with walnuts and a sugar-free caramel-flavoured sauce scores well as being good for digestion, the teeth and blood glucose control.

The inclusion of guar gum in the dessert is said to help in the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol, while lactulose “contributes to an acceleration of intestinal transit.” In short, its helps you… well you know… look I’m not saying it okay? It’s healthy to be regular, right?

By the way, the walnuts in the topping are a superfood, and eating a small handful a day is proven to “contribute to the improvement of the elasticity of blood vessels,” which is good for your blood pressure and heart.

Experts also recommended activated charcoal tablets, which would “reduce excessive flatulence after eating.”  I will do my best to not chuckle at that part.

Leatherhead chief executive Dr. Paul Berryman, conceived this idea as an ideal airline meal, but he says the ingredients and dishes would work just as well in your home.

“We have also shown that healthy foods do not have to be dull,” he said. “We carry out thousands of consumer taste tests a year and one thing is clear. No matter how healthy, if foods do not taste good they will not sell.”

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