5 Foods That Are Great For Your Brain

Your brain needs the energy to work and certain foods can either boost your brainpower or slow it down. Here’s a list of 5 healthy, natural foods that can give your brain the boost it needs.

Brain Power

Top 5 Brain-Boosting Foods

1.  Dark Chocolate

Yes, chocolate is actually good for your brain, as long as it’s dark chocolate. The sudden rush of attention-boosting endorphins and the antioxidizing qualities that dark chocolate contains are associated with improving your cognitive functions. Dark chocolate contains caffeine, which will also help improve your focus.

2.  Nuts

All nuts are jam-packed with nutrition – just stay away from the candy-coated kind. Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and pecans all have good amounts of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, which both improve cognitive function.

3.  Flax Seeds

Throwing some flax seeds on top of your cereal or salad will ensure that you get your daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which are helpful in improving your body’s cognitive abilities.

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4.  Salmon

While also being good for your heart, salmon is another great source of omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3’s not only improved cognitive function but also are the building blocks of brain tissue.

5.  Blueberries

Blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants that help protect your brain from disease-causing free radicals. Studies have shown that blueberries help boost brain power over time and essentially slow and reduce the effects of age-related conditions like dementia and even Alzheimer’s. Throw a couple of blueberries in a fruit salad or oatmeal to get an afternoon pickup.

Adding these foods to your diet will benefit your brainpower, so eat up!

This article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Shlomo Breznitz


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