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8 Things All Healthy People Do

by Sammy Nickalls

We all envy the members of the Healthy Club.

The Healthy Club?

You know, that elite group of healthy people who have discovered the elusive secrets of nutrition and fitness. They probably meet in an underground lair and bask in each others’ healthy glow. Jillian Michaels, JJ Virgin, and Shaun T are totally in it, obviously…and can’t forget about those beautiful celebrities, like Matthew McConaughey or Scarlett Johansson.

Politicians are invited too, like Michelle Obama (have you seen those arms?). And I’m pretty sure my neighbor is secretly a part of it. He just runs way too often. It’s unsettling.

Healthy People

We at Inspiyr had our own personal spy at the Healthy Club meeting. Sorry, our spy won’t tell where it is. He’s worried for his own safety if he’s discovered…who knows what those healthy folks would do to him.

 8 Things Healthy People Do

1. They go to the gym regularly…

Yes, that’s right! Our spy informed us of the shocking truth: that healthy people do, indeed, get off the couch sometimes and go to the gym. It turns out that in order to be healthy, you do have to move sometimes and get your heart rate going. To think I was trying to work off those calories by watching Netflix all day! Silly me.

2.  …but they don’t only pound away on the treadmill.

These elite healthy folks incorporate cardio, for sure. However, not just cardio. They lift weights, they bike, they swim, they move their bodies in whatever way their heart desires. But most times, they don’t just run.

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3. Healthy people don’t starve themselves…

Wow, you mean Jillian Michaels eats more than a cube of cheese and a grape for lunch to get that body?

Yes, it’s true: fit people eat. And they eat a lot. It turns out that your body actually needs fuel and can’t run off oxygen and dreams alone. And since these people work out, their bodies need extra fuel, so they need to eat even more to replenish their bodies and help their sexy strong muscles regenerate into sexier, stronger muscles.

4. …but they also don’t eat processed “products”.

Our spy was shocked to learn that this elite, untouchable group did not eat more of those 100-calorie packs of Oreo-like cracker…things. They ate—brace yourself—unprocessed, natural foods. Fruits, veggies, and protein, oh my!

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5. They get a good night’s sleep.

Turns out your body also needs to rest sometimes. God, it needs food and sleeps? Unbelievable. Bodies are so needy nowadays.

6. They do all this stuff consistently.

Astonishingly, healthy and fit people actually do this stuff all the time. Or at least, most of the time. They don’t just go to the gym when they’re feeling inspired, once a month or something. They go when they’re tired when they’re feeling unmotivated because they view it as something their body needs.

And they consistently eat well—they don’t just have a salad every so often and then wash it down with a bowl of mac and cheese. Apparently, the body reacts well to consistency.

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7. Healthy people listen to and embrace their bodies.

Self-loathing is so totally not in right now. In the Healthy Club, members actually care about their bodies and view it as something amazing. After all, it does enable you to, you know, live. So they take care of it and love it, every part of it, every curve and every quirk because it makes them unique.

8. They occasionally treat themselves.

In order to be part of the Healthy Club, members actually don’t have to sell their soul and their happiness and their first-born child. Guess they took that bit out of the requirements or something. Now, healthy people are allowed to have a cookie occasionally (without bursting into flames).

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The Takeaway

Here’s the thing, folks: though it might feel like it sometimes, there isn’t an elite group of nutritious, healthy gods and goddesses who look down on you through their perfect noses for occasionally skipping a gym day (though I’m still not so sure about that neighbor of mine). Nor are there a set of secret codes to being fit, healthy, and trim. You can be healthy just by hitting the gym (but not just cardio!), eating lots of healthy food, and giving your body rest. But remember to treat yourself and love your body along the way.


sammy nickallsSammy Nickalls is the Content Manager at She is an avid health nut and a lover of all things avocado. Follow her on Twitter or Pinterest.

Photo by BahrainPersonalTraining

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