How to Take Control of Your Life

Do you find yourself trudging through the days, doing the same things, simply because you feel like you have to?

That is, is your life in control of you?

You might desperately need to take control of your life, and you don’t even realize it.


Is This What Your Life Is Like?

Your alarm clock goes off. You go through your morning routine: dressed, breakfast, and out the door to the morning drive. You arrive at the office. Just like that, two hours of the day, gone.

You check your inbox, respond to your e-mails, check your voice mails, and call back them back. Now you need coffee before you greet your coworkers. Another hour down.

You start most important project of the day. Then interruption, back to project, bathroom break, more coffee, back to project, interruption, project, interruption, oops, missed lunch, project, “sure, I have a minute to talk”, project, FIRE DRILL, UGH!

You’d think when work is over you’d have free time, but nope. Time to drive home, fix dinner, run kids to sports practice, and go back home…then homework, baths, bedtime, collapse in a chair for a few precious minutes, back to the home office to do paperwork, and time for bed.

one way - take control of your life

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Where do I begin? Too many people are living this so-called “life.” In reality, their “living” is draining the life out of them. What happened to taking time to smell the roses? Well, if you are flying through life like described, you don’t even see the roses!

You might say, big deal, everyone is living like this today. Everything is rush, rush, rush, with no time to breathe between activities. While that may be true, that doesn’t make it a good way to live. You are missing everything that happens today in your race for tomorrow…and then you wonder why you have so much stress in your life!

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What Your Life Could Be If You Can Take Back Control Of It

Consider this: a warm day with the sun shining and a slight breeze blowing. You, sitting in a chair, with

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