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5 Ways to Interview Like a Pro


*+-Even if you are fully prepared, and perhaps even experienced when it comes to job hunting, an interview can be daunting. If you are currently looking for a new job, here are some quick ways to improve your interviewing skills. How to Interview Professionally 1. Be a Good Listener Learning to be a good listener […]

Save Your Favorite Sneakers With These Easy Tips


*+-We have discussed ways to extend the lifespan of dress shoes and running shoes, but what about just your regular, everyday, normal sneakers? What precautionary steps can you take that will ensure that your favorite pair of kicks will stay with you for a long time?   Although it may seem silly, how you put […]

5 Foods That Are Great For Your Brain

Lights of ideas

*+-Your brain needs energy to work and certain foods can either boost your brain power, or slow it down. Here’s a list of 5 healthy, natural foods that can give your brain the boost it needs. Top 5 Brain Boosting Foods 1.  Dark Chocolate Yes, chocolate is actually good for your brain, as long as […]

5 Ways to Maintain Your Running Shoes


*+-If you are a seasoned runner, you already know how important a good pair of sneakers can be and even more important, how hard they can be to maintain through rough conditions. Even if you are a casual runner it is important to take good care of your shoes so that you don’t needlessly spend […]

17 Fruits and Vegetables That Are Low in Carbohydrates

Eggs, beans, lentils and spinach breakfast

*+-Low-carbohydrate, or low-carb, diets have been promoted as a great way to lose weight and maintain muscle mass, but what foods should you eat when you’re following a low-carb regimen? Many natural fruits, vegetables, and meats contain a low amount of carbohydrates, which are enough to maintain a healthy nutritional carbohydrate level, but not excessive […]

Reasons Why You Should Drink Green Tea

Green Tea Pyramid

*+-Green tea is considered a healthy drink, but why? Where Green Tea Comes From Green tea is made by steaming fresh leaves from the plant Camellia Sinensis, which is native to China and South Asia, but has recently been cultivated in numerous places around the world thanks to its popularity. It will exert most of its […]

Can Anxiety Cause You to Age Faster?

*+-Can anxiety cause you to age faster?  Researchers have found that there is a link between anxiety and life span. A common form of anxiety, called phobic anxiety, could possibly trigger cellular damage in your body, which would lead to a level of premature aging. Older women who have a phobia of common things like crowds or […]

Smoking Is Bad For Your Health: Here’s Why


*+-According to the American Cancer Society “Tobacco use is responsible for nearly 1 in 5 deaths in the United States. Because cigarette smoking and tobacco use are acquired behaviors (activities that people choose to do) smoking is the most preventable cause of death in our society.” So what exactly is it that makes cigarette smoking […]

What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Smoking

quit smoking - cigarette on ashtray

*+-Do you want to quit smoking? If your answer is “yes”, you have improved health to look forward to. But you  need to know what happens to your body when you quit smoking in the short term. No matter how long you’ve been a smoker – whether 30 days or 30 years – your body […]

What Attracts Mosquitos to Some People and Not Others


*+-Is the old wives tale true? Are some people just “sweeter” or naturally more attractive to the flying bloodsuckers than others? What exactly makes people a target for a mosquito bite, and why are others seemingly immune to the pests? Why Mosquitos Bite Some People But Not Others 1. Slow Movement Researchers have determined that […]

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