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While It Gets Colder, You Can Get Sexier. 3 Fall Fitness Tips That Really Work

by John Rowley

It may be getting chilly—but don’t use that as an excuse to neglect your fall fitness!

So many people tend to make excuses as to why they can’t get fit or stick to their exercise program, especially as the cold weather and shorter daylight hours of fall are upon us.

Whether people claim they don’t have enough time or something is in the way of them achieving their goals—those are all excuses!

Everyone can make time for exercise if they want to. It’s all about understanding the right workouts for our busy schedules and getting into that positive, healthy mindset.

fall fitness

The problem is that we start to look for excuses if it isn’t something we are automatically successful at. Changing how you look at fitness is crucial in your success.

Without the right mindset, you will never be successful—and with the upcoming winter holiday season coming up, finding the right fitness program will keep any idea of holiday weight gain away.

This fall, ditch the idea of fitness being a chore and follow some of these guidelines to truly embrace a fit fall!

How To Get Fit This Fall

1. Go to failure.

Going to failure is a term often heard in the weight room. Runners call it hitting the wall, but whatever you call it, it is the key to success.

In the gym, going to failure brings great results, but real success comes when you can bring that attitude into the real world. Most of the time, success is the result of going to failure time and time again.

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You don’t have the luxury of a spotter when you fail in other aspects of your life.

The next time you ‘go to failure’ or ‘hit the wall,’ stop and think about how it will help you succeed and grow in the long run. Will you overcome weight gain? Fulfill a resolution? Feel better?

Keep thinking of the end goals, because you are learning a valuable lesson about your personal key to success.

2. Unleash the power of goals. 

Goals are the road map to your future. Walking through life with no goals is like driving across country with no road map. You will get somewhere, but it may not be where you wanted to go.

Set your path with goals and see your dreams come true. Don’t just enter the gym blindly. Know what you are going to do before you get there and know what you want to achieve.

Have attainable, measureable goals that are attached to a date and you will super charge your fall fitness plan!

3. The 90% rule. 

What ultimately differentiates highly successful people from the rest of the pack?

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All successful people have a lifestyle designed around empowering habits. The most successful people in any field, be it athletes, lawyers, politicians, or anybody who is the best at what they do—all have successful habits.

Up to 90 percent of your daily behavior is based on habit. The difference between those who are healthy, fit and successful versus those who may splurge a bit more is not more intelligence, talent, genetics or luck.

It is rather that they have a lifestyle designed to help them succeed.

Try to incorporate habits into your fall fitness routine. Whether it’s getting up and going to the gym within 30 minutes of waking, or keeping to your Monday night yoga class, make small changes to your day that create habits and keep accountability.

The Takeaway

At first, these changes may be uncomfortable or hard—but embrace it! That means you are actually trying something. Remember what Theodore Roosevelt said.: “He who makes no mistakes makes no progress.”

Set goals that will catapult you to the best “you” you can be, and make a point of paying attention to your habits. Replace a few disempowering habits a year with a few empowering ones, set realistic goals, and be prepared to fail and watch your body and your life transform right before your eyes. Enjoy your fall fitness!

John-RowleyJohn Rowley is a health and wellness expert who helps people transform their bodies while finding their passion, purpose and drive for success. With his tell-it-like-it-is attitude, John inspires others and changes lives by restoring physical, mental and spiritual health to help lead  a better life. Rowley is the author of the best-selling books The Power of Positive Fitness and Climb Your Ladder of Success Without Running Out of Gas.

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