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5 Simple Steps to Healthy Eating

healthy eating - berries

Have you ever heard the saying, “you are what you eat”? Well, that’s even truer today than it was when those words were first said. That’s because the foods that many of us eat are filled with chemicals and other nasty stuff that can cause obesity, diabetes, cancer, and more. Healthy eating just wasn’t as easy as […]

How to Manage Stress Without Alcohol or Drugs

how to manage stress, girl hush

Do you want to learn how to manage stress? With all the demands of living in today’s world – responsibilities at work and at home, constant interruptions through technology, and relationships that can sap your energy – stressful living seems to be a way of life for many. But you can learn how to manage […]

A Little Known Fact About Sleep That Could Affect Your Waistline

sleep and fat loss - waist with tape measure

Recently I was doing a radio interview and the host asked my number-one recommendation for fat loss. I’m pretty sure she thought I would say something like eat more protein or cut out sugary, processed foods. Maybe I would go off about a new study that showed gluten could contribute to fat gain and diabetes. […]

4 Self Massage Techniques You Can Do Anywhere

self massage - feet

Picture this; your stress melting away, your aches and pains being eased, and your mind entering a relaxed state. Does it sound like the only way to get that feeling is to spend the day at an expensive spa? While spending time at a spa is a great way to relax and recharge, you can […]

How to Prevent Heart Disease in 3 Steps

how to prevent heart disease

Living in a fast-paced world often leaves little time for making those drastic lifestyle changes that doctors recommend; after all, it’s difficult to plan a balanced meal when fast food chains offer quick and cheap alternatives, and it’s tough to get motivated to exercise with a schedule packed with work, family, and television. But it’s […]

The Problem with Toxins

2006-08-15 - Road Trip - Day 23 - United States - California - San Francisco - Sign - Warning Pesticides - Fire Will Cause Toxic Fumes - Skull and Crossbones - mustache - graffiti

Have you ever been concerned about the effects toxins can have on your health? If not, you should. With overeating, lack of exercise, and pollution on the rise, your body is at risk for toxin build-up. Toxins can enter your system through your diet and environment, sapping your energy and spreading disease. But with the […]

6 Best Foods For Diabetics

best foods for diabetics

No single food will make or break your diet. I frequently say that a good diet with a bit of pie now and then is still a good diet. And a bad diet with a few bites of broccoli is still a bad diet. What really matters is not the individual foods as much as […]

How to Sleep Better

how to sleep better

Getting a good night’s sleep can be tough at any stage in your life. In fact, it has been estimated that 90 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder at one time or another. But the good news is that you can learn how to sleep better at any age, and any stage in your […]

The Shocking Truth About Donating Blood

donate blood, blood donation, blood, donor, red cross, cupcakes

You may donate blood because it feels like the right thing to do. But, is donating blood good for you? There is research that suggests that along with helping people in need, donating blood  may also have health benefits for the donor. The Research on Donating Blood Over the past few years, a series of […]

9 Benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation

Until recently, lots of people believed meditation was an archaic form of therapy and spiritual practice that was practiced only by followers of eastern religions. But meditation has proven to be a valuable tool that can improve many aspects of life. From increased confidence to reduced stress, see all the benefits of meditation that can […]

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