How to Create a Survival Kit

Nowadays it’s all too common for tornados, hurricanes, or man-made disasters to strike without warning. During a time of crisis, those who are prepared have a higher likelihood of survival than those who don’t. If you want to make sure you’re ready when disaster strikes, you may want to create a survival kit.

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4 Steps to Create a Survival Kit

1. Assess Your Area and Determine What You Need to Prepare

While you can’t and shouldn’t try to prepare for every type of disaster you may encounter, it is essential that you determine what specific precautions you should take. Taking a survey of your geographical location and social setting can help determine exactly what precautionary measures would benefit your personal situation.

For example, if you live in an area where meteorological events are common (i.e. hurricanes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms) you should prepare differently from those who live in an area where earthquakes and forest fires are the greatest threat. Population density should also be considered, as those who live in remote areas face a different, though equally challenging set of obstacles to overcome from those who live in a bustling city.

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Even if there are no glaring threats visible to you, it is still wise to be prepared for unexpected surprises. Blackouts, flashfloods, and disease outbreaks have a nasty way of striking when you’re the least prepared.

2. Choose a Secure, Easy to Access Location for Your Equipment

A survival kit is a serious investment in your safety and should be treated appropriately. Some of the essential items are quite expensive and should be protected as such. More importantly though, you do not want your kit destroyed by the very disaster it was meant to save you from!

The ideal location is in a strong safe that is waterproof, fireproof, and shock-resistant. These safes are popular among gun owners and can be purchased from a number of companies, such as Grainger Security and Patriot Safes.

However, these safes are enormous and extremely expensive, so buying one for just a basic kit is an unwise investment (If though, your also planning to use it to protect valuables and personal documents-bank statements, passports, medical records, etc., it may be worth looking

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