4 Naturally Good Soaps For Men

Cleaning with normal soap can damage your health. And unless you’re still living at home with Mom and Dad it’s time to upgrade from the brand you’ve been using as a kid. We’ll help you stand out from the crowd and support a healthy lifestyle and world by using these naturals soaps that do good for you and for others.

Zum Bar soaps from Indigo Wild are packed with essential oils and made from goat’s milk, which Indigo says will leave your skin just right, not oily or dry.  Our testers won’t argue with that. The soaps come in over 30 different scents, and our favorite for men is Frankinscence & Myrrh.

The all-purpose soap bars from Mrs. Meyers come in a few scents that appeal to both men and women, and the bars are big enough to last a while. Based on their size, they’re also a good back-up weapon in case anyone breaks into your house while you’re showering. Our favorite scent is Basil but Lemon Verbona is refreshing as well. The ingredients are at least 97% naturally derived so you know you’re minimizing the nasty stuff that can harm your health.

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The team at Inspiyr love Jack’s Soap for lots of reasons. First, the bars are all natural and 85% organic and vegan. Second, for every bar of soap you buy, they’ll donate a bar to a child who would otherwise be at risk of being one of the 5,000 children who die daily from diseases that could otherwise be prevented by simply washing their hands. In addition, the package you’ll receive from Jack’s uses recyclable materials. We recommend the Mint scent for guys, but you can’t go wrong with Citrus either.

Badger Balm creates certified natural soaps that are both moisturizing and non-irritating. The Badger team has been making natural skincare products for almost twenty years so you know you’re in good hands when buying one of their products. For soap, we recommend the Moroccan Mint which is refreshing and awakening, so it’s great for that early morning shower.

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