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How To Do The Impossible Like David Blaine [VIDEO]

by Sammy Nickalls

Feeling like your goal is impossible?

Well, here’s another guy to show you that nothing is impossible…not even defying life itself.

Many view David Blaine as a crazy lunatic who does insane stunts. Some even think he does it for attention.

But in this raw TED Talk, David lays it all on the table. He explains one of his most extreme stunts: holding his breath underwater for a whopping 17 minutes, almost the length of his entire talk.

David explains his passion for magic, and the struggles and obstacles he’s willing to face to achieve his goals. And at one point, he fights back tears as he explains that magic is like anything else: through perseverance and practice, you can achieve anything.

(That being said, please don’t try this at home, folks.)

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