How to Find Creative Inspiration: 5 Simple Tips

Artists, writers, and designers all have one thing in common: the desire to create. However, creativity is difficult to hone. While we can all claim that we are capable of developing new ideas, it takes effort to come up with something original and groundbreaking. 

Whether you are aiming to write a best-selling novel or a Grammy award-winning song, you will often encounter creative blocks that challenge your ability to produce your best work. 

Creativity is always about finding inspiration. If you think your well of ideas has dried up, you only need to look at the little things in life. Here’s how you can source creative inspiration each day.

1. Jot down every moment

The best moments pass by so fast that many people fail to notice and appreciate them. This is not the case for creative types. There is inspiration in every conversation, problem, or encounter. You could look at a man at a cafe reading a newspaper and come up with an interesting background story about him. If you take a subway, you can glance at the strangers that ride with you and wonder what they are going through. Every moment is worth recording, so bring a camera, notebook, or sketchbook with you and be ready to document the littlest details.

2. Create a “creator’s routine”

The great writer Ernest Hemingway preferred to write in the morning “as soon after first light as possible.” The philosopher Emmanuel Kant’s day isn’t without long walks and coffee. To live a creative life, you need to allocate time for rest and work. A structured schedule doesn’t always work for many artists (especially those who thrive in chaos), but it does help you develop a productive habit.

3. Take time to meditate

Oftentimes, you only need to be somewhere peaceful. A cluttered mind is a major obstacle to finding creative inspiration. One way you can solve this is to find time to slow down and put yourself at ease. Look for a quiet and secluded place. Take a seat, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Try to empty your mind of any distracting thoughts. Give yourself five to ten minutes. By the time you open your eyes, you will gain greater clarity and your ideas become more vivid.

4. Search the web

Apart from focusing on your inner self, you should also look for external inspiration. You can find tons of ideas that will stimulate your creativity online. Sites like Pinterest and Journeys of Life can provide you with reference materials that will help refine the ideas you currently have.

5. Manage stress

You won’t be able to find inspiration if you are always stressed out. You may have too many problems to address, but it’s safe to know that other people have it worse than you. This is not to downplay your struggles, but sometimes, you simply need to know how to respond if things don’t result in your favor. 

To be creative is to accept the fact that the world you live in is your greatest source of inspiration. You just need to stop, look, and listen closely to what it’s telling you.

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