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The Nobody Bible: Ancient Tools for Modern Growth

by J. A. Plosker
Ask Yourself One Question…

Is the secret to personal and spiritual growth hiding in everyday life? The book, “The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life” explores that question. The answer might surprise you. But then again, it might not.

The Nobody Bible is a journey into religious and spiritual history. It examines the shining cores of many traditions to discover how they can help us transform our everyday lives. Interactive exercises for in-depth practice and contemplation culminate in The Book of You – a chapter for readers to fill in on their own as a powerful snapshot of inner strengths and core beliefs.

Ancient Tools for Transformation

The Nobody Bible is one person’s search for a little more peace and happiness. Its message? No matter who we are, we can get on the road to personal and spiritual growth now – no fame, fortune, or ordination required. The book reveals that potent tools for transformation aren’t elusive, but ready to use today. Charity, devotion, virtue, meditation, mindfulness…the list goes on!

And here’s the best part: We already know how to apply this wisdom. We already know how to pick up the phone to call mom, focus on an important task, take a few minutes of “me” time, drop a few coins in the charity jar, or hold a door open for someone.

Believe it or not, things we do every day out of a sense of kindness or responsibility are the very things ancient wisdom suggests can improve our lives and bring us closer to our purpose, center, humility, or whatever we call it. Want to practice patience and going with the flow? Try to get through your morning commute without raising your blood pressure. Want to meditate? Take two minutes to consciously fill and empty your lungs in a quiet place before work.

These tools allow us to start here and now, with what we have. They empower everyday life and transform what we do into what we need.

Some Things to Remember

The Nobody Bible is written with full knowledge that life is busy and full of distractions. But there is time for personal and spiritual growth. Here are some tips from the book:

• Value simplicity. Start small. Pick one tool and practice. For example, develop the ancient technique of mindfulness by taking time to savor your morning coffee instead of throwing it down your throat.

• Search – and keep searching. It’s your peace and happiness you’re seeking, and that will benefit others in so many ways. Talk with people. Ask questions. Try out different tools and disciplines. Explore, experiment, and have fun!

• Be patient with yourself (and others). Everyone is at a different place on this path. There is no higher or better, but just where we are. Growth and development take time, so be patient. Go at your own pace, go with intention, and create habits and disciplines that make sense in your life.

Remember: You know your life best. On this journey of personal and spiritual growth, it’s up to you to find the way that works for your lifestyle. What you do may not look like what your neighbor does, but that’s what makes it right for you.

BIO: J. A. Plosker is a former comparative religion instructor and social work counselor whose passion is helping people connect with their innate strengths and wisdom. He is the author of the multi-award-winning book, The Nobody Bible, and host of The Nobody Guide to Life podcast []. Connect at [], on Twitter [] and Facebook [], or join the Simple Spirituality community []. Find out more about The Nobody Bible at [], where you can download the exercises for free.

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