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Lifestyle Change

by Kristen Fisher

A single phrase “lifestyle change” may actually be what most individuals go through. What we deem as a “mid-life” or “quarter-life” crisis could be a result of the ultimate change. As individuals, we tend to fall into routine, order, and simply how things are supposed to be. Yet, this can be a hindrance amongst our own lives. As spontaneous mammals, we crave adventure, wanderlust, and surprises. What can you do when it comes to these lifestyle changes?

Find The Simple Things In Life

After a work filled day, no one wants to worry about anything. Sometimes, being mindful of your surroundings can help you adjust to situations easier.

Be More Open To Change

We get it, change can be a scary field. No one wants to go towards the unknown without at least knowing the ending result. Be open to the possibilities that could come out of this change. Often as human beings, we tend to hit the “fight or flight” mode because of our primal nature. However, if we can balance out our emotional response (this takes time to work with) and think about things before reacting, we can save ourselves a lot of heartaches.

Understanding Your Emotions Can Lead To Understanding What You Need

Now, when it comes to being a couple or involved with someone else. Have some down time to yourself, and either write, speak out loud, or contemplate what you need. Often without thinking, we will put ourselves on the back burner and put another individual first. This is a great trait to have, yet, becoming aware of how much you are putting another’s needs before your own will be beneficial.

Changing Up Your Life

By coming to terms with what may or may not be missing from your life, go for it. Do not fear change, embrace the best way you can. Even if that means fighting against for a while. Life is composed of a series of moments, lessons, situations, tragedy, happenstance, and everything in between. If you suddenly come upon a block in your life, it may be time to re-evaulate to see what’s missing.


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