5 tricks and hints for a smooth diaper changing experience

Diaper changing is one of the first skills that parents need to master and the faster the better. Diaper changing grows with the baby as well. When babies are newborns, they don’t move or roll around very much, but there are many issues such as pee going everywhere, loose poop, etc. Diaper changing is never EASY especially for first time parents.

 As the baby grows, the challenge of changing the baby’s diaper increases – I would say exponentially! Restless babies and toddlers love to turn and kick and poop can get everywhere. Don’t worry, we have all been there. Changing diapers is a lot of trial and error. But we have some great tricks to keep your baby or toddler a little calmer and hopefully make the process easier and a little less messy.

  1. Create a diaper changing routine. Babies and toddlers LOVE routine or doing the same events in a specific order – over and over again. This can also help mom, dad, nanny, grandparent or whoever is changing baby’s diaper so that they won’t forget a diaper or wipes that are needed for the diaper change and to keep baby safe. As toddlers, they will know what to expect which should help with the changing process. Some families provide a small stuffed animal or small piece of blanket for soothing and to signal the diaper change. Use the same place in your home and provide the same items (if any each time). Sing a song or even just talk with baby.
  2. Use a diaper changing pad with built in protection. No more stray hands to play in poop or rolling over. This diaper changing pad: Little Clean Bums provides protection for baby and toddler, as well as, peace of mind for parents. The cone structure is strapped around the baby or toddler’s torso and small toys can be attached. This keeps babies and toddlers engaged playing with the toys and cone part of the diaper changing pad, as well as, their sneaky little hands away from poop, pee or whatever is in the diaper! Another great feature is that the diaper changing pad is portable as well. You can use this at home or even use the diaper changing mat on-the-go! This also makes for a great baby shower gift – the ideas is great, novel and funny all at the same time.
  3. Use a mirror. Did you know that babies and toddlers love to look at themselves in the mirror? My first baby was entertained for hours by staring at himself in a little mirror as he practiced crawling and other skills. This same fascination can be a game changer when changing older babies and toddler especially.. you know, when they start getting really squirmy! Get a small mirror that can be attached to the wall or use a mirror with soft, squishy materials around it and put it next to your baby or toddler’s head so they can watch their face in the mirror. My preference is the attached mirror, because babies love to throw stuff during diaper changes as well. Remember to be safe and use a mirror without sharp or pokey edges.
  4. This is great bonding time. Most new moms and dads try to “get out” of diaper changing but it’s actually a very special one-on-one time where mom or dad can form a strong bond. My husband actually preferred changing my daughter’s diaper because of this time (this is our third kid). He would talk to her about anything and everything. Sometimes they would sing together or the time could even end in tickles. When she was a toddler, he would crank up the radio in her room and sing Oldies with her. Both of them cherished the time and it was actually easier for him to changer her diaper than myself.
  5. Be wary of certain foods. My daughter used to get bad, I mean bright red diaper rash. This made changing her diaper a very painful process. She would kick, scream and cry because it was so painful for her and it broke our heart. No one wants to see their beautiful baby and toddler in pain. I realized that highly acidic fruit was causing this awful breakout. She is more of a meat and potatoes kinda gal anyway, but fruit literally broke apart her skin. So, we had to eliminate apples and applesauce, oranges, all juices (which we didn’t provide much anyways due to sugar), pears or pear sauce and any high sugar items. Like magic, the diaper rash would go away on its own in a couple of days.
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