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How to Use Your Intuition to Achieve Your Goals

by May McCarthy

Have you ever asked yourself, what it would take to be as successful as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, even Thomas Edison? Clearly, all are passionate about their fields of expertise, creative, and hardworking. But they also relied on something we all have which they call instinct, intuition, or a gut feeling from an intelligent, all-knowing source.

The actual name for this intelligent source can be debated, as people use both spiritual and scientific names to describe it. I affectionately call my source of intuition the Chief Spiritual Officer, or CSO for short. My partnership with the CSO has helped me to grow six successful companies, several of them being multimillion-dollar technology companies as large as $100 million in annual revenue.


The Power of Intuition

Spiritual thought leaders call this source of all knowing power and intelligence God, Jesus, Allah, Spirit, Divine Intelligence, and hundreds of other names. Many believe that the spiritual source is within each of us. Most agree that the source cannot be entirely understood by humans; therefore a continuous relationship study is in process.

Scientists at Columbia University and UCLA have determined that other parts of our bodies have intelligence with similar cells as the brain. Researchers have found the same neurons found in our brain are also located in our heart and stomach. Within the stomach, there is a collection of about 100 million nerve cells which makes it the second-largest collection of nerve cells after the brain. I’m not a scientist, but I have benefited from a system of intelligence that shows up as thoughts in my brain and feelings in my heart and gut which direct me to achieve my goals and keep me safe.

Whether you believe this source of intuition has a spiritual or scientific basis, there is undoubtedly something available to each one of us that can serve as a guide to reaching our goals. Unfortunately, just as we can disregard a compass that gives us directions, we can also disregard the leads that guide us along the path to all of the good things we want. That doesn’t mean that the compass doesn’t work, it just means that we’ve made a choice not to follow it. If we all have the ability to rely on a source of intelligence that is greater than our conscious awareness, the question then becomes, why doesn’t everyone rely on it and achieve a higher level of success?

I believe the answer has to do with our ability to recognize these intuitive messages, or leads, and interpret their meaning as something that is helpful. Most of us don’t have the same level of confidence in our intuition as Gates, Oprah, and other successful people do. And yet, every one of us receives leads, which are always providing us with valuable directions to achieve our goals and avoid mistakes. We just need to know how to tune in to them so that they are meaningful and trustworthy.

Following are a few actions you can take to cultivate a relationship with the source of your intuition and build a deeper level of trust and confidence in the messages that you receive:

How to Tune In To Your Intuition

1. Recognize that intuition has a source, and it wants to help you.

Your source of intuition wants you to achieve all of the good things that you desire and protect you from harm. Can you remember a time when you didn’t listen to your gut and later you were able to see evidence that if you had, something good could have happened for you, or something bad could have been avoided? People often tell me that they recognize after the fact that their gut was telling them to take an action, but they reasoned that they didn’t need to do it. I almost made that same mistake myself over twenty years ago.

I was finishing a client appointment when I had a strong thought of my sister. I happened to be close to her office, so I stopped by to see her. She was delighted that I was there, because she needed help with a computer problem. While sitting at her desk, my sister noticed a very small dark spot on the outside of my knee. She asked me about it and I replied it was just a freckle. She said she felt that it was something more and insisted that I call her dermatologist.

As I was about to dismiss her fear, I felt a shooting pain in my gut, and I knew that I had to do as she suggested. The dermatologist said that the spot was nothing to worry about, but I didn’t feel relieved. Again, a sharp pain in my gut manifested, and I asked to have the spot removed. A week later I returned to learn that I had stage 3 melanoma. The intuitive messages from my CSO saved my life. This intelligent source is available to help you, too.

2. Commit to partner with your source of intuition and give it a name.

Choose a name for the source of your intuition that is meaningful to you and whose advice you will value and respect. As a businessperson, I surround myself with capable people whose advice I value: my Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Information Officer, etc. I gave my source of intuition the title of Chief Spiritual Officer, or CSO, and placed it at the top of my company organizational chart.

You will also need to establish clear roles and responsibilities for you and your CSO to follow in the partnership:

  • You decide what you want in your life.
  • Your CSO creates the path for you to achieve your goals.
  • Your CSO gives you intuitive leads, one step at a time, to travel along the path to goal attainment.
  • You follow each lead, taking action steps, or you ask for another lead. You are no longer allowed to do nothing. If a lead doesn’t make sense, or if you’re fearful and unsure about it, just ask for another lead. Then wait; don’t take a step without a lead.
  • After taking the steps as directed by the source of intuition, you’ll achieve your goal and it’s time to celebrate!
3. Meet regularly with your source of intuition.

Set aside up to thirty minutes every morning to meet with your CSO. In this meeting, use a practice that many successful businesspeople and athletes use for goal achievement: Revisit your goals daily; be grateful for what you have now, and for what you want as though you already have it; and imagine the successful outcomes.

Let me ask you this: If your boss told you that she could help you to more than double your income and receive a prize promotion within the next year, and that all it would take would be your committing to meet with her each morning for thirty minutes and follow her advice, what would you say? Most people would say, “When can we get started?” Your meeting with the CSO is a little like this. You need to create the meeting environment, use a meeting agenda, and attend the meeting.

Throughout the day, you will be given leads by your CSO, and you will sometimes need to have the courage, as Steve Jobs said, to follow your intuition and take the steps directed. If you get a lead that is too scary to follow, or you are uncomfortably unsure, just ask the CSO for another lead. Don’t take a step until you get another lead. As you continue to receive leads and take the steps, you will eventually achieve your goal. That’s cause for celebration!

The Takeaway

As you meet with your CSO every day and enjoy operating in the partnership, you’ll become more confident in recognizing how this intelligent source guides you toward your goals. You’ll develop the confidence that Gates and Oprah have to trust and rely on their intuition. You’ll find that life is more fun and less work because your all-knowing intelligent partner is doing the heavy lifting. Today is the perfect day to begin your new partnership and enjoy the benefits in doing so!


may mccarthyMay McCarthy has helped to start and grow six successful companies over her thirty-two-year career, with the largest growing to over $100 million in annual revenues. She credits her success to the principles described in her new book, The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance, and she firmly believes that financial success and freedom are available to anyone who is willing to apply them.

Photo by Maciej Zagozda

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