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5 Reasons You Need To Love Yourself

by Sarah Karges

When you wake up every morning, do you make a conscious choice to love yourself?

Negative thoughts, worries, and unresolved emotions can prevent true self-love, but instead of dwelling on negativity, you should make a conscious effort to make the best out of whatever comes your way by loving yourself through it.

By waking up each day and choosing love, you allow yourself to deal with past and current issues in a healthy way. This daily practice allows you to face trials head-on, each day, and grow as a person by overcoming them.

Love will help you find more acceptance for yourself and appreciate who you are right now. Here’s why you should choose self-love every day.

love yourself

Why You Need To Choose Self Love

1. If not love, then what?

Think about it: if you don’t love yourself, the only way to go is down. Whether you’re happy or sad, when you wake up is the best time to choose love everyday.

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Make a point to wake up and tell yourself that you’re going to “love yourself today” no matter what happens. This will help you take on the day with a positive mind.

2. Self-love opens you up to experiences.

Love can lead you down many different avenues and will broaden your horizons as well. On the flip side, you should not wait for love to come to you, you should go out and seek it.

This doesn’t mean rushing to find a significant other, but finding self-love from within and doing things alone to fall in love with you. You should push yourself to your limits, make yourself uncomfortable and try new things.

If you seek out new experiences, you grow as a person.

3. Self-love is already within you.

You can go out and seek love and new experiences all you want, but there is one important thing to remember: no matter what, love already resides within you.

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Meeting new people and partaking in new adventures have the potential to bring you much happiness and love, but at the end of the day, you can always look inside yourself for all the love that you need.

4. Self-love helps with the hurt.

No one ever wants to get hurt, but the fact of the matter is that everyone is going to be hurt at some point.

When heartbreak happens, look at it as a lesson. A way of life. It’s OK to be sad and allow yourself to feel all the emotions that come up. You are allowed to have an appropriate ice cream and sweatpants breakdown, then pick yourself up, get dressed and go out for a night on the town.

Learning from getting hurt, understanding it for what it was and moving on is all part of life. Once that is over, you need to have the courage to throw yourself back out there again. Self-love can and always will help.

5. Self-love will help you embrace love from others.

One of the most important things about love is that it is a two-way street. If you love someone, doesn’t it feel amazing when they tell you they love you too?

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Loving yourself will help you be more open an honest with your feelings. This ultimately leads you to being someone who is easy to love.

Love is a wonderful and magical thing. Don’t let it fall by the wayside. Fall in love with yourself so others can do the same.

The Takeaway

Love is all around us, but often it takes vulnerability to immerse ourselves in it. Love can be found at the beach the moment your toes dig into the sand, or when you pause to smell the flowers. When you wake up and choose to accept that love is all around, it allows for personal growth and emotional development. Wake up, choose to love yourself every single day, and watch the love flow right in.


Sarah Karges Headshot 2Sarah Karges created the #30DaysSelfLove movement, which is profoundly changing the lives of people worldwide by challenging them to record a video each day saying, “I love you” to themselves. Within a year the movement has evolved into an online community with a mobile app and book being released soon. Follow the movement on YouTubeInstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

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