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Here’s How To Find Your Passion

by Jimmie Perry

Passion, is it something that we are born with? How does one go from wandering around in life, going from task to task with no focus? To find the one thing that they really care about? Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but there is no “one” almighty thing that gives your life purpose. Life is a combination of experiences that we learn from; we use them to figure out what we like and dislike. This implies that there are a plethora of things that we can be passionate about.

You don’t

Passion is not something that we just so happen to fall into. It’s also rarely something that one is born with an affinity for. Our love of a certain activity stems from experiencing various things and finding things that not only bring us enjoyment but present you with a problem. We must present ourselves with an issue, one that we want to work towards solving each day.

Passion is developed

As mentioned above, passion is found once you become infatuated with developing something each day. It stems from an insatiable thirst to solve a problem. For me, my main passion came from a hunger to become consistent with trading. I started trading and from multiple failures, while doing so, became consumed by my hunger to gain an understanding of the markets and how they work. This hunger is something that keeps me going through all my losses. Our passion in any field comes from; 1. A desire to understand something and 2. A desire to make that something better.


Experience, as mentioned above is how passion is developed. We must go out (or if you like to surf the internet, stay in) and try new things. We need to take in new information, to learn so that we can find out what it is that we enjoy doing. Experience also shows us the things that we don’t like to do. Gaining an understanding of what it is that we don’t like to do can also work for us. Once we understand what it is that we don’t like to do, we can cross those things off our list of possible passions. As you cross things off of that list, you get closer to finding the things that you are possibly passionate about.

Be consistent

There are times when I wake up and I neither want to blog nor trade. There are times when I get so annoyed at the market and my lack of knowledge about it that I just want to quit. But I don’t because I understand that to be great at something, we must be consistent with it. Having a passion for doing something is only one part of the puzzle, we must then be able to tell ourselves to get up each and every day and do what it is that we are passionate about. Sticking with something is the only way that we can become great at what we do, that’s how it works.


Passion is something that we develop as time goes on. Unless you are a special case and are born knowing exactly how your life is going to turn out and exactly what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life, you’ll have to experience. You’ll have to go out and try new things (or stay in and try new things. The world works like that now). You’ll have to open yourself up to new possibilities and embrace them without fear. This is how passion is developed, through countless experiences and embracing the unknown. Through a search for knowledge.

Once that passion is developed, you’ll have to stoke the flames of the fire with consistency. You’ll have to get up each and every day and tell yourself that you can and will do what it is that you told yourself that you want to do. Passion is what you love to do, but you must stick with it and be consistent with your efforts to gain knowledge and expertise in that area.


Bio: Jimmie Perry is the owner of and an avid trader. In his free time, he enjoys writing about the experiences that he has had and trading. He is also currently working on his degree in Business Administration from Madonna University.




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