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8 Simple Nano Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

by Joakim Christoffersson
couch crunches

Lots of people think that getting and staying fit means spending hours at the gym. But if you can’t spare the time (or sweat), there’s an easy solution. Nano Workouts are small exercises that can be done almost anywhere, keeping you fit as you go about your normal activities.

Couch Crunches

Why Nano-Workouts Work

The fittest people don’t dwell in big cities and offices. They live simpler, less stressful lives, and don’t need a gym membership to stay in shape. They get all the exercise they need from what they do every day.

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What are Nano Workouts?

In today’s technological age, you rely less on your body than than your ancestors did, using cars and computers to get work done. Nano workouts are designed to fix that. These short exercises can easily fit into your daily routine, leaving plenty of time for work and play.

You might stretch while taking a shower, do crunches on the couch, or push-ups while on a conference call. Take advantage of your surroundings and start living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Here’s 8 simple Nano Workouts you can do take advantage of an “always active” lifestyle.

8 Simple Nano Workouts for Beginners:

1. Bathroom. Do squats while brushing your teeth. Targets your thighs.

2. At work. Push back your chair and use it as a dip station. Targets your triceps.

3. On the couch. Lean back and pedal with your legs in the air. Targets your legs and lower abs.

4. On the toilet. Extend your arms and flick your finger repeatedly. Targets your lower arms.

5. After shopping for groceries. Use the grocery bags as dumbbells. Targets your upper arms.

6. While walking. Walk while keeping your abs tensed. Targets your abs.

7. In bed. Lay with your head outside the edge of the bed for a period of time. Targets your neck.

8. On a train. Stand on one leg. A balance and lower leg exercise. Note: only do this if your balance is already pretty good!

Nano Workouts for a Lifetime

Nano workouts can make a major difference over a lifetime. Just think about the first example: if you do bathroom squats every day, your legs will undergo more than 24 hours of exercise each year.. Likewise, if you climb up and down five flights of stairs twice a day, you will have climbed up and down more than 110,000 steps in a year. You get the basic idea. Think active, and always look for a challenge.

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Smaller Workouts Can Yield Big Results

You might be wondering if nano workouts can replace your gym routine. More exercise never hurts (if done properly, that is), but recent studies actually favor short bursts of exercises to a longer, continuous workouts. It all depends on the effort, intensity and dedication you put into your Nano Workouts. Think small, and get big results.


joakim chrisJoakim Christoffersson is is the creator of the Nano Workouts fitness program and author of the newly released book; Nano Workouts: Get in Shape and Lose Weight During Everyday Activities. He has previously worked as an innovation specialist at Nokia with focus on strategic work in the area of health & wellness. He has 10+ years experience as a martial arts instructor and have practiced a wide variety of sports ranging from climbing, ju-jutsu, swimming, handball, running, table tennis and Muay Thai.

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