8 Ways You And Your Partner Can Increase Your Sex Drive…In And Out Of The Bedroom

Has your–or perhaps your partner’s–sex drive been a little off recently?

With careers, children, social responsibilities, and television, it can be hard to make time for intimacy, or even yet, to get in the mood.

But don’t let a poor libido keep you from heating things up in the bedroom.

We’ve compiled a list of the absolute best ways to increase your sex drive…the natural way.

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But First…Why Does Sex Matter?

1. It keeps you healthy

It’s common knowledge that sex can ward off illness, but did you know that having sex once a week can improve your immune function by 30 percent?

According to a study at Wilkes University, those who have sex once or twice a week have more illness-combatting immunoglobin in their saliva than their sexless counterparts.

Plus, sex is a workout. It burns calories – at least 85 an hour – and keeps your heart healthy. A 20-year study recently revealed that people who had sex more than twice a week were half as likely to have a fatal heart attack than those who got lucky less than once a month.

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2. It makes you confident

Sex is an integral component of intimate relationships with a loved one, and it can do wonders for your self-esteem. Dr. Gina Ogden, a sex and marriage therapist, agrees with this:

“One of the reasons people say they have sex is to feel good about themselves. Great sex begins with self-esteem. … If the sex is loving, connected, and what you want, it raises it.”

So the next time you’re feeling down and out, the intimacy of sex may give you the turnaround you’re looking for.

3. It relieves stress

You may have already noticed that sex can alleviate the tension and anxieties associated with long and hectic work schedules.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to take your mind off of the things that cause you the most stress, and sex can give you that much-needed reprieve.

One study has found that diastolic blood pressure is often lower in people who live together and have sex often, and a Scottish report showed that sexually active people respond better to high-risk scenarios.

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