What To Do During This Flu Season

No matter what flu season is upon us and in full swing. Where ever we go the news to reporting which cities have the biggest outbreaks or rapid increases of hospitals stays. However, with many various strains of the flu this year, some individuals will end up with a less severe case. Nonetheless, this flu season is teaching everyone a little something. Learning to rest when you can.


Resting properly or even at all is necessary for battling this flu season. Funny enough I recall an article detailing how orange juice was on the decline until people remembered that juice was a vital vitamin.


Knowing what kind of essential nutrients you are incorporating into your diet is a big reveal. If someone is eating nothing but junk food, more than likely this flu season will be a bit harsh on your system. Although this flu has been targeting healthy individuals, I think it goes to show we should pay even more attention to our nutritional intake.

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Washing Your Hands

This should be a “no-brainer” yet, this is one action that can go unmissed. Whenever you’ve gone to the grocery store or simply pushing a cart. With this strain of the flu being more contagious, washing your hands more frequently is a must. Especially with smaller children.

Refueling After Exercising

Being sure to refuel with nutrients after exercise could be a big factor this season. While the flu is targeting healthier individuals, it could come down to over-exercising and not replenish your body afterward. While exercising the body can lose nutrients needed to fight off infections, thus eating before and after is a crucial element.

While some of these tips seem obvious that maybe the culprit behind this flu season.  Even though rest, light exercise, drinking enough fluids and eating nutritious meals is on every list. It’s about taking the necessary steps to do so. Otherwise, our bodies cannot fight off the virus’ that is running rapidly this season.

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