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Are You Doing Wellness Right?

by Kristen Fisher

Wellness can be summed up in various part, one of those things is based on where you live? It seems the bigger the city the more you feel compelled to take part in the health craze currently overtaking. Thus leading to a more stressful existence because people are worried about spending $40 per spin or yoga class. Honestly, most people don’t have an extra $40 to drop on a class when that money can go towards something like a phone bill.

Wellness does not mean anyone suffers from the cause. After coming across an article about a native New Yorker who was traveling the world, noticed how those preconceived notions followed throughout her trip.

The biggest moment of revelation is when you step back from your own life (usually this happens while traveling) to witness life happening around you. By experiencing different cultures ideas of what wellness is, can change others outlook towards the preconceived idea. What is wellness? To keep it simple, wellness exists as something that just is. Kind of the whole concept of “let it be”.

For instance, spending your money to endorse a healthy lifestyle just to end up more stressed because of a lack of funds… is not a mindful practice. Finding a bit of peace every day can promote a healthy recharging cycle. Whether it’s sitting out in nature, going for a walk or staring at the sky. These small moments are equipped to fulfill those microseconds of wellness.

The biggest truth would be this, being healthy does not depend on where you live. Thus, each city has a main health craze. Whether it’s hitting the rock wall, a gym, that 5K or the newest juice cleanse. Choosing to listen to your body and finding the movements that compliment your life, is the real treasure find.

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