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10 Ways to Recharge Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

by Marala Scott
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Moving to the next chapter in our life, whether it’s a new relationship, new job, new home, or new body, can be an exciting time. The problem is that most of us still have a lot of “stuff” we’re thinking about from the past that can hold us back from the future we deserve. Before we can move on, it’s good to have a “reset” so that we’re ready for what lies ahead.

Here are ten ways to recharge your body, mind and spirit so you can go into your next chapter relaxed, renewed and ready to make it your best one yet.

mind body spirit

How To Refresh Your Body, Mind and Spirit

1. Be Honest

You don’t owe anyone a lie. Clear your mind by being honest. Allow honest thoughts and communications to naturally flow in and out. Carrying the burden of keeping up with lies is not a healthy way to live nor does it attract healthy people.

2. Know Your Limits

Don’t take on more than you can handle only to complain about it later. Knowing your limitations will help you with time management by keeping you from over committing. Leave time for love and laughter.

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3. Exercise

We often hear, “Exercise is good for you.” Well, it is. It’s critical to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Work off loads of negativity by following a healthy routine recommended by your doctor or physical trainer. When you feel healthy it shows in your appearance and in the way you communicate to others. It’s not about dressing up your exterior and forgetting about your overall health.

4. Eat Right

Healthy foods help recharge your body and give you much needed energy. Look into a dietary plan that will guide you to eating healthier so that you feel energized. Cut down or out the fast foods and invest in cooking at home more. Know what you’re putting into your body but make it fun instead of a chore.

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5. Make Time for Yourself

Alone time is good. It provides an opportunity for you to reflect, plan, and relax without interruptions. We are quick to say we don’t have time for ourselves but a big part of it is managing your time properly. Saying “No,” so that you can recharge is necessary.

Try an hour or two a day to walk, exercise, read, or do something that doesn’t involve others. If you’re single, don’t search for ways to fill your time and space, value the time you have alone and make use of it. Use the time to heal.

6. Develop Your Spiritual Relationship

Invest in yourself by taking time to meditate, pray, or do something that connects you to an emerging healthy spiritual relationship. When you understand who you are and what your purpose is, you’ll begin to live with peace and passion. It will become difficult for things to disrupt your spirit.

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7. Forgive

Letting go is a tremendous way to recharge your life by removing the heavy burden of pain, anger, and hatred. If you have someone in your life that hurt you and you haven’t forgiven him or her, now is the time to do so. It’s not as much about them as it is about you.

They may not be aware that they’ve hurt you, perhaps they don’t care or they’ve already asked for forgiveness. To forgive means to let go of toxins that are destroying you. Accept the opportunity to progress in a healthy manner.

8. Give Back

Give of yourself as a reminder of how much you really have. Volunteer at a shelter, food bank, senior home, or anywhere that allows you to see your blessings. We are quick to point out what we don’t have but seeing it from someone else’s perspective can be humbling and bring appreciation.

9. Mix Things Up

Explore life by venturing outside of your comfort zone. Go to an art gallery, hiking, skydiving, or do anything that allows you to take in more enjoyable, educational, or peaceful activities. Infuse a little laughter and excitement into your mundane life and spread the enthusiasm.

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10. Invest in Healthy Relationships, and End the Unhealthy Ones

Don’t continue on with a relationship that isn’t healthy. Seek counseling if you want to make it work or face reality and know when to let go. If the relationship is an unhealthy disaster, make changes the right way and with passion so that you can begin to enjoy life. Don’t be afraid to rebuild.


marala scottMarala Scott is a multi-award winning author, inspirational speaker, leadership advocate, humanitarian and Oprah Ambassador of Hope who has taken her prolific life story and written about it in the groundbreaking book In Our House: Perception v Reality (Premier Digital).

Originally published 12/31/12 and updated 8/12/13. 

Featured photo by mysza831

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Vanessa January 3, 2013 - 11:35 pm

Dearest Marala Scott,

I have to first say that I am truly inspired by your words. My daughter (14) and I are huge fans for several reasons.

I absolutely love every single thing you write, especially these 10 items you have laid out. I believe and strongly feel that these 10 things can be life changing and if applied – can set a solid foundation to anyone’s life. I pray and wish that as challenging as adopting these things in one’s life is, everyone applies and practice the things you have guided us with. I say this is challenging because although they make sense, it takes self awareness and accptance of the “bad” things in our lives that we need to let go to “refesh” for 2013.

I speak for myself, but I challenge and encourage everyone who reads your words to apply these things to thier lives like I will. From 1-10; really think, evaluate and apply it to thier lives, situations and live a happy, spirtual and prosperous lives!

From the bottom of my heart, may God continue to bless you and all your endeavors for 2013 and on! THANK YOU!

Tessa January 1, 2013 - 6:52 pm

This is great advice and I look forward to a new year with some changes. As well, I love Marala Scott’s book Surrounded By Inspiration. I feel like I am learning something every day and her words truly inspire me. Thanks for sharing this article.

Marala Scott January 2, 2013 - 10:37 am

Thank you Tessa! I appreciate Inspiyr sharing these tips! Please continue to read their inspirational articles!


Natalie Mercado January 1, 2013 - 6:07 pm

This article is another example why I love reading anything that you write! I agree 100% that all of the things you touched on are crucial to living a good life! One of the things that has been so important to me is filling my mind with positivity! I thank you for continuously sharing not just words of wisdom, but also life changing lessons. This article is definitely one to be printed out and referenced daily!! God bless you and your family in the new year:)

Marala Scott January 2, 2013 - 10:35 am

Thank you for taking time to read the inspiration I share Natalie. It makes a difference in my life and the inspirational things I share are things I’ve learned. Surrounded By Inspiration is an example of many. They are wonderful lessons in living peacefully and in faith!


Robert Parker January 1, 2013 - 2:37 pm

Great tips for the New Year. These are very inspirational, the one on forgiveness really hit home. Thanks for sharing your life story and motivating me to be a better person.

Marala Scott January 2, 2013 - 10:32 am

Thank you Robert! Forgiveness is something that I had to undertake in order to live a happier and healthier life. It was worth it!


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