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Are You In Need Of Some Brain Food?

by Kristen Fisher

Now, this is not the traditional list of food that will help stimulate the brain. This about a list of things that can help with studying, focusing and getting done on that to-do list.

Most days we scrape by when it comes to focusing on a goal. Between schoolwork, working full-time or part-time… half the time our brains feel fried. Or completely lacking a natural boost.

Mini Naps

Who needs a nap around noon or 2 p.m. Yes, look at all those imaginary hands raising in the air! Naps are not only needed but, help improve brain function throughout the day. Even a small 15-minute nap break can repower those receptors.

Tai Chi Break

Tai Chi is on the quick path towards relieving chronic pain and resetting a stressful day. Most think about an older individual doing Tai Chi in the park. Well, we should take note and do the same. The benefits Tai Chi has for balancing stress, brain activity, and acting a coping mechanism… learning a feel basic moves could make all the difference. Would you rather have a stressful, lackluster day or a productive and nourishing kind of day?

Deep Breathing

My younger self would be laughing at this one. Yet, I’ve tried this technique each time something horrific has come up at the last possible minute. Take this yoga move “Lion’s Breath”. Where you breathe in deeply, and as you exhale, open your eyes and look towards your third eye region. As you exhale stick out your tongue and fully exhale, this will cause you to make an exaggerated sound.

Turn All Devices Off For 15-20 Minutes

Eye strain, finger cramps, and headaches. Looking at our blue light screens can cause some painful reactions. If you can, turn off all your electronic devices for a small period of time. Not only after 10 minutes will you feel recharged, but you’ve allows your eyes to take a break from the strain.

These seemingly simple acts can help regenerate brain function to normal. Sometimes we simple over stimulate till it’s too late and, a headache sets in. Take proper care of yourself and even more so your working brain.


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