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Perfectionism: A Strength as Well as A Weakness

by Kristen Fisher

Perfectionism was one of those traits we would list during a job interview. Normally, that would take us to the second interview and then land the job. Yet, does anyone truly know how perfectionism can affect an individual day by day? A repeated pattern of self-control that can branch out as a general control issue.

For years this trait has been disguised as a strength because in the end perfectionist type individuals are focused. Although, this can lead too many nights of battling what is right and what is wrong. So to speak, this embattlement can stir up OCD, depression, old habits, and many more.

Now there is nothing wrong with doing a wonderful job when it comes to certain things in your life. However, letting go can be freeing. Letting go could be the calling card you’ve been looking towards.

Allow Things To Slip Every Now And Then

Yes! Let a day go by where you do nothing but, lounge. Or ask for an extension some you can gain more hours of sleep. Asking can be an eye-opener. Allow things to slip, so you can enjoy your day will help regenerate your strength for the next.

Stop Saying Yes To Everything

No one is a yes person. It’s good to say no. Time and time again, I’ve encountered people that feel pressured to automatically say yes to something they had no intention of attending. Ironically enough, this is right around when an OCD trait would pop up. Even perfectionism falls into this category.

Addressing The Issue With Friends or Family

Has a loved one recently become concerned about your perfectionism? This may be the right time to re-evaluate how perfectionism is affecting your life. Have you been a workaholic to such an extreme, you do nothing but stress about the next deadline? And it’s not because of the deadline, but the fact you belittleRemm yourself because the project is simply not perfect?  Remember most creative and non-creative pursuits were discovered on a whim, perfectionism had nothing to do with it.

Don’t kill your creativity or your own mind with striving for perfection.

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