Why Re-charging Doesn’t Have To Mean The End of Something Great

We have all been in a situation where a relationship or friendship seems to be on the rocky ground? Why, one individual or maybe even both need to re-charge. This could mean, away from each other. However, as the hectic overly emotional heart over matter is considered, this could turn into “Did I do something wrong?” What may come up is an overly attached need to be nurturing to your other half, which could turn into smothering.

What are some steps to stop feeling responsible for something that doesn’t concern you? Sometimes people, especially our significant others need space (as hard as it is to believe, slight pun intended, this is true.

Space From Your Significant Other/Or Friend

Communicate to them that you need space. An open communication policy is best and more importantly honest. Share that you need time to yourself to work out some personal issues, for moments that should be invested with re-charging, and self-nurturing.












Respect The “No Contact” Rule

If someone suggests that they need to be alone, respect their decision. Do not bombard them with messages, texts, phone calls, or anything else. Showing them respect shows how you as their partner in crime can offer an understanding them may not receive elsewhere.  This individual will come to you when they are in the right headspace.

Try Not To Take It Personal

Ah-ha the elusive feeling of taking it “personal”, even when someone tells you not too. Sadly, this is a narrow pathway of thinking that must be readjusted. When someone says to not take it personally, believe them. The fact, that they are stepping back to re-evaluate their own lives and themselves, just shows how much they would like to be present.

Patience and Time

This is the biggest obstacle to overcome, being patient and timing. Although, patience can be bittersweet, take this time to learn about yourself. Therefore, become more understanding towards someone who is in need. Time helps to heal and we should bear in mind exactly what that means. Do not add any more pressure to a situation where a significant other/friendship could use understanding, patience, and timing.

In Conclusion

Be there for them at the end of this transformation. Showing a reassuring relationship/friendship can withstand time apart and distance can make the heart grow fonder.



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