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The Most Important Fitness Accessory That Everyone Needs (But Nobody Has)

by The Inspiyr Team

Sneakers. Shorts. T-shirt or tank-top. You’ve got all the training gear nailed down so that you can look good and feel good when you’re working out. But do you really have everything you need? Like fitness accessories?

One of the most overlooked fitness accessories is designed to help you feel good after you work out, and can also protect one of your biggest investments – your car! That’s right, getting in your car after a workout – all sweaty, hot and gross – is one of the most uncomfortable experiences you can have. Maybe you’ve tried to use a towel to protect your seat and drive comfortably, but we all know those don’t work – they slide around, you can sweat right through them, and, let’s face it, they don’t look good at all. So what can you do?

A new fitness product called Dry Rub® has recently solved this problem. It’s a car-seat cover designed specifically for athletes and gym-goers that provides a breathable yet water-proof barrier between yourself and your car seat. This barrier will prevent stains, smells and general funkiness that can happen to us all. The best part – if it ever gets a little funky itself, you can machine-wash it and hang it dry. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Why You Need Dry Rub

Protect Your Car

Sweat will ruin your car seat. The salt in your perspiration can break down leather and cloth seats over time. Replacing or cleaning your car seat can be very expensive. Dry Rub provides a barrier between your body and your car seat so you can protect your car seat from this damage.

Keep Your Ride Smelling Fresh

Is your car starting to smell like a high-school locker room? No matter how many air fresheners you use, those will just mask the smell of perspiration and other post-workout odors. You’ll need a water-proof barrier that can prevent those smells from festering in the first place.

Save your back!

One of the most unique attributes of Dry Rub® is that their Spicy version includes massagers that are designed to relax your muscles after a workout. So if you have tight muscles that need relaxation, or you suffer from back pain, the Dry Rub massagers can help ease that tension.

The Takeaway

You’ve got all the training gear you need to be fit and healthy…with the exception of a car-seat cover designed for gym-goers. Save your car, protect your investment, and feel great while you drive with Dry Rub.


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