5 Things To Start Thinking For A Happier Life

New year, new you.”

We’ve all heard it, we all take it seriously for a month or two, and then some of us forget about the resolutions we’ve made.

Why do we so quickly give up on the choice we made to better ourselves? It may be a lack of confidence, not enough self-love, or fear.

Whatever it may be, we must overcome in order to find love from within.

Here are five affirmations that anyone can make each day for a happier life.

happier life

Five Thoughts You Should Think Every Day

1. I am worth it. 

Whether you’re trying to get the attention of a crush or are fearful of leaving a passionless job to pursue your dreams, remember that you deserve happiness and the chance to make your life better…for you!

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You are worth the attention from your crush, and you are worthy enough to go after your dreams. Cancel any negative thoughts out and repeat: ” I am worth it.”

It’s your life to live, so go for it! Only you can stand in your own way.

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2. I am lovingly receiving abundance in all ways just for being me. 

This affirmation is one of my favorites. Once you start opening your heart up fully to what it desires, the universe conspires to make that happen.

This practice all starts from within and loving yourself. When you can accept and love yourself for who you are right now, everything will fall into place.

Everything is a reflection: the love that you feel inside is exactly what you see on the outside. You will become unstoppable. That kind of self-love and acceptance will radiate from you and attract the love of others, giving you a happier life.

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3. Allow love to shine through me and onto everyone and everything around me. 

As stated before, when people can see that you love yourself, it gives you a more welcoming and receptive aura about you.

People are attracted to confident, loving and accepting people. Why not surround yourself with those kind of like-minded people and block off any uncertainty or negative energy? You’ll be glad you did.

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4. I am grateful.

As cheesy as it sounds, gratitude is the best attitude.

Whenever you are feeling down on your luck or think that you are having the worst day, stop and think for a second. Could it be worse? It most certainly could, and we have all been there.

Start thinking about what you are grateful in your life. Count your blessings out loud. Even making a short list every morning as soon as you wake up can completely shift your consciousness into a more positive state of mind.

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5. I forgive you and I love you. 

One of the most important practices that goes hand in hand with “I love you” is “I forgive you.”

As you start the practice of loving oneself and others, a lot of healing comes into play in order for those affirmations to ring true. You must forgive yourself for all of your wrongs and regrets. These things are now in the past, and its crucial to forgive in order to love more fully.

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Another beautiful practice is to take at least 10 minutes to write down anything you don’t forgive yourself for. Let it all out: the emotions, the situation, and the result.

Then, fill all those spaces inside of you with love, and say over and over again: I forgive you and I love you. There is beauty in the breakdown.

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The Takeaway

It is helpful to self-affirm and meditate on positivity for personal health and wellness. Start living a happier life by challenging yourself to repeat these affirmations, and sit back and enjoy all the incredible things that are ahead for you in 2015.


Sarah Karges Headshot 2Sarah Karges created the #30DaysSelfLove movement, which is profoundly changing the lives of people worldwide by challenging them to record a video each day saying, “I love you” to themselves. Within a year the movement has evolved into an online community with a mobile app and book being released soon. Follow the movement on YouTubeInstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

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